Jurisdiction Registration price
Algeria from 5 990 EUR
Botswana from 7 990 EUR
from 490 EUR
Gabon from 4 990 EUR
South Africa
from 1 990 EUR
Kenya from 8 990 EUR
from 3 290 EUR
Tunisia from 2 990 EUR
Sudan from 3 890 EUR
from 1 290 EUR
Bangladesh from 3 890 EUR
TOP 2024
from 7 990 EUR
Vietnam from 1 500 EUR
Hong Kong
Offshore TOP 2024
from 1 590 EUR
India from 3 890 EUR
Indonesia from 8 990 EUR
Qatar from 8 500 EUR
China from 4 890 EUR
Kuwait from 5 000 EUR
Malaysia from 6 390 EUR
Macau from 6 190 EUR
Mongolia from 9 000 EUR
UAE - Mainland Company
Offshore TOP 2024
from 10 000 EUR
UAE - Offshore Company
Offshore TOP 2024
from 3 000 EUR
UAE - Free Zone Company
Offshore TOP 2024
from 6 000 EUR
Oman from 5 000 EUR
Saudi Arabia from 4 500 EUR
from 4 990 EUR
from 2 890 EUR
Taiwan from 7 900 EUR
Thailand from 2 390 EUR
Philippines from 2 000 EUR
Republic of Korea from 9 000 EUR
Japan from 4 790 EUR
Russia from 890 EUR
Armenia from 990 EUR
Azerbaijan from 1 090 EUR
Belarus from 990 EUR
Kazakhstan from 1 290 EUR
Kyrgyzstan from 1 990 EUR
Uzbekistan from 1 490 EUR
Albania from 3 390 EUR
TOP 2024
from 1 490 EUR
Scotland from 690 EUR
United Kingdom - LLP from 690 EUR
United Kingdom - LTD from 690 EUR
from 2 990 EUR
from 3 790 EUR
Austria from 4 900 EUR
Andorra from 4 990 EUR
Belgium from 2 990 EUR
Bulgaria from 1 090 EUR
Hungary from 1 690 EUR
Germany from 3 990 EUR
from 2 090 EUR
Greece from 2 900 EUR
TOP 2024
from 990 EUR
Denmark - ApS from 2 900 EUR
Denmark - K/S from 2 900 EUR
Jersey from 3 090 EUR
Ireland from 1 390 EUR
Iceland from 2 990 EUR
Spain from 3 890 EUR
Italy from 5 900 EUR
Latvia from 990 EUR
Lithuania from 1 090 EUR
Lichtenstein from 5 900 EUR
Luxembourg from 4 890 EUR
Madeira from 1 790 EUR
North Macedonia from 3 190 EUR
Moldova from 1 900 EUR
Monaco from 5 090 EUR
The Netherlands from 2 890 EUR
Norway from 3 890 EUR
Isle of Man from 2 290 EUR
TOP 2024
from 990 EUR
Portugal from 3 190 EUR
Romania from 1 990 EUR
San Marino from 4 690 EUR
Serbia from 1 490 EUR
Slovakia from 1 390 EUR
Slovenia from 1 990 EUR
Turkey from 2 890 EUR
Ukraine from 990 EUR
Finland from 990 EUR
France from 4 490 EUR
Croatia from 2 090 EUR
Montenegro from 1 990 EUR
Czech Republic from 1 690 EUR
Switzerland from 6 490 EUR
Sweden from 2 800 EUR
TOP 2024
from 490 EUR
Corporate Redomiciliation from 2 000 EUR
from 590 EUR
from 1 090 EUR
from 990 EUR
from 1 090 EUR
Antigua and Barbuda
from 1 990 EUR
from 1 200 EUR
Bermuda from 5 990 EUR
from 1 390 EUR
The Bahamas
from 1 390 EUR
Guatemala from 2 500 EUR
Grenada from 5 990 EUR
Mexico from 9 900 EUR
from 990 EUR
Saint Vincent
Offshore TOP 2024
from 1 190 EUR
Saint Lucia
from 1 690 EUR
from 890 EUR
Cayman Islands
from 3 900 EUR
Costa Rica
from 2 990 EUR
from 5 990 EUR
California from 1 390 EUR
Nevada from 2 190 EUR
Nicaragua from 2 500 EUR
Wyoming from 1 390 EUR
Delaware from 990 EUR
Florida from 1 490 EUR
Australia from 2 390 EUR
New Zealand
from 4 900 EUR
from 890 EUR
Marshall Islands
Offshore TOP 2024
from 790 EUR
from 1 290 EUR
Cook Islands
from 1 490 EUR
Argentina from 5 490 EUR
Brazil from 4 890 EUR
from 4 900 EUR
from 6 900 EUR
Peru from 14 990 EUR
Chile from 12 990 EUR
Ecuador from 7 990 EUR

Private Financial Services has been registering and assisting businesses since 1997. For more than 20-year period we have gathered an international team of professionals, gained a priceless experience and knowledge which we will gladly share and which will assist you to accomplish the bravest ideas and plains!

We are happy to offer you an opportunity to form a company almost in every country quickly and professionally.
Our company registration service is a top-notch service.

Main advantages of forming a company abroad

An opportunity for obtaining additional income in stabilized financial and political environment due to lower tax obligation

An opportunity of using world finance center’s resources

Reputation and fortification of the brand

An opportunity of entering new markets

An opportunity of profitable crediting

Decreasing and diversification of risks

An opportunity of using a cheap labor force

Bureaucracy reduction

Maintaining and multiplying assets and shares

An opportunity of doing business which might be restricted in your country

An opportunity of obtaining a residency permit, citizenship of another country

That is only a small part of opportunities that make doing business abroad very profitable.

Where to open a company?

Which country to pick for company registration? It is possible to answer this question only with understanding of your goals and objectives and with understanding of laws and unvocal rules of the jurisdictions.

Company registration

It can be Switzerland which is often called a financial world center because of the concentration of 1/3 world’s capital in the country. Switzerland’s economy is one of the most stable ones in the world and the income tax is starting from 8,5%. If needed, our specialists can assist you with opening a bank account in one of the Switzerland’s banks during the process of new company formation.
It can be England which does not have a strict requirement for the company founder’s citizenship, which does not have currency control, money assets are safely secured by the legal system and the dividend tax can be avoided in a very legal way.
Company registration in 1 day, 0% income tax and a company within the European Union? It is also possible; in this case we would advise you to form a company in Estonia.
Wish to form a company outside of Europe?
You can choose Hong Kong. Hong Kong is rightfully called one of the leading world financial markets. Taxes there are at the minimal stake and that company may become the main link in your supply from Asia to the CIS and Europe.

UAE can also be interesting for those who would like to expand their business in the Near East, or for those who is thinking about obtaining a tax residency without taxation.
Jurisdiction of the Caribbean also suits those who wants to obtain an additional citizenship and also save their assets in quiet harbors.
If you are not interested in the offshore jurisdictions, then you can expand your business in Canada or the USA.
In the USA everyone has lots of opportunities in entrepreneurship. Economy in this country depends on private business and its stable development which is grounded by secure legal system and the durability of economy sector. This is the reason why a lot of entrepreneurs from around the world wish to form a company in America.

Company formation in Latin America might be interesting for trading companies or for those entrepreneurs who wish to occupy some attractive niches on those markets.

Company registration

Main oganizational-legal forms for company registration

Limited Liability Company

Joint-Stock Company



Investment Partnerships

Subsidiary/Branch Office

Nonprofit Organization (NPO)

How to register a company?

1. Choose a suitable for your objectives and goals jurisdiction;

2. Choose a suitable for you organizational-legal form;

3. Choose a unique name;

4. Decide on the composition of the founders, shareholders, directors;

5. Decide on the legal address for your company; In some of the jurisdictions a local representative is also needed;

6. Prepare all required documents, forms, decisions and applications;

7. Submit the documents to the registering authority, tax and other required authorities;

8. Pay the government, notary, stamp duties;

9. Receive a package of documents for registration. If the documents are not in English language and you also planning on operating outside of the jurisdiction of registration, then also translate and legalize the documents;

10. Appoint an accountant;

11. If you are planning on doing a kind of business which requires an allowance/license, then obtain one.

After completing all those points, you can proceed with opening an account for your company.

By turning to Private Financial Services, you save precious time and money by avoiding mistakes and extra expenses during company registration.

Furthermore, you are also getting rid of the problem of constant monitoring of local legislation for the subject of change since Private Financial Services will notify you about the most important changes and if needed will even provide you with the solution.

Company registration

Timeframe for
company registration

The timeframe for company registration depends on the jurisdiction. If we were to deduce the average global timeframe for company registration, then it is around 20 days.
There are jurisdictions where it is possible to register a company in 1-2 days, in most of the jurisdictions – around 10-15 days, and there are also countries where company registration process can take more than 2-3 months.

Company registration

Required documents

Notarized and apostilled copy of passport (for some of the jurisdictions it is required to provide 2 different IDs)

Notarized copy of utility bill which can confirm your address

Notarized and apostilled Power of Attorney (in case if you wish to form a company remotely)

In some cases, those documents can also be required:


Letter of recommendation from your bank

Statement from your personal bank account

Letter of recommendation from a lawyer/accountant or audit firm

Non-criminal record certificate

Usually you will also be asked to fill in the KYC (Know Your Customer) questionnaire and in some occasions, you will be asked to provide a statement of origin of the funds.

In case if one of the participants is an entity, then most likely you will have to translate constituent documents of an entity to the language of the jurisdiction where you are forming a company. Also, usually the translation should be done by the jury translator, notarized and apostilled. Furthermore, power of attorney from the company’s director might be required and, in some occasions, also from the shareholders.

By turning to Private Financial Services, you receive support in preparation of all required documents and support in every step of your business, not just in a company registration. We also can assist you with opening a current account for your newly formed entity and for you personally.
In case if you will require a license or an allowance, we also can assist you with obtaining one.
Need legal support?
We can provide it basing on law of the jurisdictions where the company is registered.

Private Financial Services – A Reliable Link of Your Business!