How to Form a Company in Brazil

There are many things that need to be done and required to start opening up a new business or investment in Brazil. Foreign business is established by the country’s laws and will be required to respect and obey all of their terms.


To open a new business overseas in Brazil, at least two business owners are required to jointly hold shares of the business. Out of limitation, the lowest share is to be open as a direct investment policy. Lowest shares of the company that is worth over $150 000 in local Brazilian currency is required to have permission and entry permit.

They are also required to file their businesses as FDI. Permission will need to be from the commerce ministry, or other permission groups of the Brazilian registration for foreign companies, to start and open a business.

Brazil is a free zone where all initiators from overseas can enjoy all of the facilities of the business. At least one director and two shareholders are required to start up a new business. Corporate taxes will range from 4% up to 17.42%. There is also a 15% tax for wealth gaining. There are no previous approval needed to purchase a share of the business.

The Brazilian government has a more relaxed investment field as their payment date for share sums is more relaxed in not fixed. Bank loans can be easily accessible to foreign companies and those that need it to further expand their businesses.Overseas investors can also enjoy the right of buying multiple assets as long as they pay their taxes on time. All these rules need to be followed to open a business in Brazil.


Term of registering

The whole registration process can take up to a month or 30 days. Hiring a special legal assistance company can speed up the process of getting all the required documents sent in and talking and discussing plans with the authorities. Having a legal company helping will speed up the process in opening a new business and make things run much more faster and smoother.



There are several papers that are required to register a new business. These include several approval papers, decisions from sponsors, the authority given to a person to take liabilities. Until the process and permissions are given from authorities, businesses can not be opened or start their activities.

Keeping track of everything can be a hassle, so hiring a legal company that offers legal assistance and registering businesses will help big time. We provide many company and business registration services in Brazil, especially for foreigners.

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