You can create companies as fast as you can with less hustle and bustle. On top of that, Grenada has very flexible legislation. On one hand, it meets the important requirements needed for the international financial entities.

On another hand, the country provides enthusiastic entrepreneurs with adequate opportunities needed for optimization and planning. Grenada earned the best reputation in the offshore business.

Grenada is the best choice for businessmen and investors who want to be successful by conducting business offshore. In this region, it is very easy to establish international firms, mutual funds, trusts, usage of the latest internet banking procedure, and related advantages of conventional offshore companies.

Benefits of Company Incorporation in Grenada


Here are some of the reasons that make Grenada a convenient and effective place for you to register your company. It becomes possible for you not to pay the taxes for the offshore firms during the initial twenty years of operation.
You will be free from inheritance taxes, dividends, interest, capital increment, immovable property, and stamp duty.

Foreign owners do not have to pay taxation both on land and business. Extreme confidential information is maintained about your business. Even the beneficiaries and director’s names are never disclosed. Information regarding the address, firm’s agent, and their charter gets published in the register of the company.

There is no need to have a continuous system of accounting, you can provide minimum document circulation, which is necessary. Grenada has an investment climate that is favorable for you. Everything can be easily mastered and you can even access the international markets.


of Company Incorporation in Grenada

A company in Grenada can be easily opened through a possible way in the form of a fixed organization, which is an International Business Company. A mere amount of $1 should be the magnitude of your authorized capital.

There have to be some mandatory requirements for companies operating in Grenada, and these are presence of a shareholder or a director, there has to be a local address mentioned in the company documents. Also an agent has to be hired who represents on behalf of the founders the company


Company Incorporation in Grenada – The Process

The registration process may take up to 30 days on average. During that time, the company’s founders should:

Formulate the company name and submit it for verification. It is good to have Limited/Ltd, Corporation/Corp., or Incorporated/Inc. at the end of the company name;

Prepare a company memorandum including the minutes of the initial meeting and the association articles and the registration forms;

Gather all the relevant documents, make a file to the registration office first and then pay the license fees;

Designate a director and develop the original corporate book that reflects the important information regarding changes in the company.


The important documents include certificates of registration and incorporation. They should be apostilled and notarized.

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