Registration of Yachts and Vessels

Our specialists have 30 years of experience in international registration of yachts and ships, they address cross-cutting themes and are industry experts in sea law. This is one of the mostly developed areas of expertise of our company. The list of primary services:

Registration of Yachts and Ships

Registration of the flag both offshore and onshore

Offshore Companies Formation

Registration of offshore and onshore shipping companies

Bank Accounts Opening

Opening of setlement accounts for shipowners with Payroll opportunity

Technical and Financial Audit

Independent inspection of the vessel and the ship owner

Purchase and Sale

Support in purchase and sale transactions of vessels

Transfer of the Vessel to the Charter

Transaction support on the transfer of the Vessel in Charter

Charter Disputes

Support to settle Charter disputes


Deregistration of vessels

Technical and Commercial Arrests

Assistance in removal of technical and commercial arrests

Ship Inspections

Support in the vessel rating

Logistics Services

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Other Services

In addition, we deliver all other related services

If you are not a start-up business, you are aware of procedures and you need help in registration, flag changing, the release from attachment or any other help related to sea issues and international naval law, please do not hesitate to phone or email our office in Tallinn.

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    If you encounter this issue for the first time or you are concerned to know more about our services and the team, enjoy the following information! We will be pleased to help you choose the appropriate region based on your preferences.

    Registration of Yachts and Vessels

    Most people who have never encountered the issue before, want to know, why many vessels sail under various exotic flags and are registered in countries not widely familiar to ordinary people. We are about to list the main reasons for that:

    Tax benefit

    In many offshore jurisdictions, the cost of ship registration and renewal is significantly lower than the cost of its registration onshore. Taxation in offshore jurisdictions is more simplified or is not available at all. A ship owner legally optimizes its tax burden.

    Ship protection

    A ship registered under the “comfortable” will be far more protected and secured in the offshore zone than a ship registered in the onshore company. The risk of illegal ship seizures, penalties and arrests is significantly reduced.

    Operational flexibility

    An offshore company is registered for 48 hours (is is also listed in the register within this period); in 72 hours a new owner will have all constituent documents on hand. The procedure is ten times faster than it is conducted onshore.

    Our experts can change the flag over 48-72 hours.


    Many ship owners tend to maintain privacy and confidentiality. In most offshore zones closed registries, owners and company managers remain unknown to the public. The nominal service that is the guarantor of almost full anonymity.

    No restrictions

    Most onshore jurisdictions set strict requirements and criteria for the staff recruitment and its qualification, wage and living conditions. Among other aspects the age is of value; for many onshore jurisdictions, the ship aged 16-20 years and older is difficult or impossible to register.

    These criteria are far more loyal and easier in offshore zones.

    No bureaucracy

    In Europe and the developed countries, the registration process involves lots of documents, papers, and certificates to be collected. Paperwork in offshore zones is virtually not available. This helps you save your money and speed up the process of ship registration.

    Prestige value

    Most offshore jurisdictions are subject to the British Law – the Maritime flag of Great Britain is very prestigious and engaging. The benefits of the British Law may be collected in the entire section. It is much clearer and more understandable to the Romano-Germanic legal family.

    Simplified Reporting

    The accounting procedure is simplified in most offshore zones. As compared with onshore, the accounting is almost absent. This allows cost reduction and “headache” avoidance.

    The simplified procedure of ownership transfer

    Registration of the steamboat for the offshore company simplifies the process of change of control. The sale of ship via the offshore company has no tax consequences for the beneficiary.

    Registration of Yachts and Vessels

    This is not the exhaustive but the basic list of reasons why the owners of yachts and steamers choose “flags of convenience” and offshore jurisdictions.

    We have employed lawyers with the area of expertise in international naval law, technical specialists and auditors, experts of ISM – ISPS-MLC.

    We address issues in a single package and we are able to solve them in the shortest possible time at the highest level of quality.

    Our team of specialists is efficient, mobile and is willing to arrive almost anywhere in the world.

    48-72 Hours

    is the average time to change the flag

    72 Hours

    takes on average to register an offshore company

    48 Hours

    takes on average open a bank account


    Offshore company registration only requires a copy of the beneficiary’s passport and completion of forms that we provide. The cost is from 600 Euro.  Opening of the settlement account (ability to connect the Payroll service, to pay the wage to the team that reduces the cost of payments) — Price starts from 150 Euro.  Change of the flag – we start with the request of the basic information and will send the request to the register on a free basis. As the confirmation is received from the register, we can start the process of execution.  You need to have your Bill of Sale certifified by the notary and apostilled  as well as other documents, as the case may be, depending on the register.  So, we de-register the ship during the primary registration in the previous jurisdiction.  To change the flag, the ship should be mainly rated, has the patent of navigation, ship station license, and minimum safe mining.  If any of the above is missing, our experts will help you to solve these problems in the shortest possible time.


    Registration of Yachts and Vessels

    The average cost of the flag change is 4.000 to 6.000 Euro.

    The average cost of rating is 12.000 to 18.000 Euro.

    You a re welcome – primary assessment and consultation are for free!


    We will be happy to help you with logistics solution management, too.

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    Project cargo

    Agent’s services

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