Benefits of registering the company


Offshore company in Dominica offers a lot of advantages to its owner. This is a cheap jurisdiction that allows registration of your own company from scratch and to purchase an existing one. Also, at your request, we provide a nominee service. To note, Dominica is the promising country with the stable economic environment; it is not in FATF “black lists” and any information of the company owner is confidential therein.

You only need to pay the license fee on a regular basis to prolong its validity. The payment is made every year on the day of company establishment; otherwise, the company is written-off the register. Until the final payment of all fines and debts, the name of the company becomes publicly available and, accordingly, it may be obtained by any company.


of the registering

To create a firm in Dominica, a share capital is required to form with $5 0000 US dollars without any payment requirements. To register a firm, it is enough to have a sole legal or physical person in its structure that can act as the shareholder and the director.

Moreover, the nominal service is available. To purchase your own offshore company in Dominica, you only need to pay an advance payment of 50% of the total cost of service and submit all the required documents to the employees of our company, and then we will register a company of IBC type for you.

Peculiarities of establishment of banking institution


The local legal field is quite loyal to register various banks. This place allow profitable activity of any institution without disclosure of information, and the paid up capital should be more than $1 million US dollars. In turn, the bank is required to avoid working with local residents. Meeting these simple requirements, all offshore companies in here, including banking institutions, are exempt from taxation. The activity is regulated by the “A” type license that allows doing business only outside Dominica.

Bank registration is convenient here due to several factors:

There is no taxation since regular payment for license is sufficient;

Favorable legal field, as the bank may obtain a special permit to grant loans to locals, in case when funds are required to implement Dominica-based state projects;

High privacy since the nominal service requires confidentiality of beneficiary.

Our employees render assistance with company registration abroad. With our help, the company opening in Dominica will be quick and trouble-free. The entire procedure will take about a week; you are not required to appear, since we use the mail to communicate the documents required.

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