Company Formation in Malta

Malta Offshore Zone: It is prestigious and profitable for any businessman to do business in Malta. The offshore zone of this country does not refer to tax-free jurisdictions, but it offers a range of advantages. As a member to the European Union, Malta welcomes anyone who seeks to eliminate any obstacles to implementation of their projects. Shipowners, who are exempt from income tax feel particularly privileged therein. Mandatory provision: load capacity of the vessel is up to 1000 t.

Legal Details

To register a company in the elite eurozone a number of certain bureaucratic procedures is required. Malta is no exception, but there is a fairly loyal approach to those who wish to establish their own business. Everyone may have the right to register a company in they own:

  • the amount of 1165 Euro, 50% of that amount payable in advance;
  • three employees in the company (at least);
  • a license (for investment projects and banking organizations).

The nominal owner (head of the company, director) and participation of two shareholders is allowed as employees of the company. The nationality of employees is not important. They may be residents of any country.

Upon approval, the company will have the status of Private Limited Liability Company and the right to carry out any activities approved by international legislation. If the permission is required, it is better to contact professionals. Companies operate in the island that focus on prompt registration of offshore and their further support.

Doing business in Malta implies compliance with a number of rules. The company owner is obliged to keep accounting records and report to the supervising authority. The tax levied on companies is 5%. By completing registration and proceeding to offshore activity in the island, the business owner will have to pay a one-time tax fee in the amount of 35%, the following months the rate is reduced to 5%, as the state returns the funds (6/7 from the total amount of tax). That is, by paying 35%, the businessman gets 30% back.

Why Purchase an Offshore in Malta?

By preferring Malta’s offshore area, business people get a lot of advantages:

  • Financial and economic stability. Although business is risky, it is important to feel secure and Malta is ranked second in the FSF list.
  • Quick and easy process of company registration. Applying to professionals, you avoid any tape, especially as the presence of the beneficiary will not required. The new company registration will take two days and one day – to purchase it.
  • Guaranteed privacy. The nominee representative of the new company will be a resident of Malta. This approach completely excludes the name of the beneficiary mentioned anywhere in documents and other sources.
  • Low tax rate. Malta is one of the most loyal tax laws in the world. The income of companies operating here is taxed at 5% tax fee. There are areas that are exempt from tax (royalty payments, interest payments and dividends for companies with a non-resident founder).
  • Democratic terms of organization of activity of the company outsourcing the secretary. The head of the company (individual) or a hired employee may act as this employee.

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