Specificity of the registering

How to Establish Company in Moldova?

A company registration in Moldova allows considerable reduction in business taxation, while acting exclusively within the legal field. All the field of entrepreneurship is reliably protected as it is government supported. Business owners are allowed the opportunity to report as per the simplified system. The procedure of company opening is extremely simplified – only the foreign passport data of the business owner are required in favor of which our trustees will act.

The laws of Moldova specify the smallest size of the authorized stock capital fixed at the rate of 7 cents that is equal to 1 Moldovan leu. Today it is possible to register companies In the territorial possession of the country as limited liability companies. The name of business should be chosen with care since it should not match or resemble names of those companies that have already registered and filed with the register. The board of company may consist of any members, with the least number of one individual.

How to Establish Company in Moldova?

Benefits of registering the company

Note main advantages of Moldovian jurisdiction:

European prestige. Just a few days and you can get almost running company that operates in the prestigious European zone. Entering the market of international scale is the special option for any company.

Loyalty of legislation to taxes. Companies in Moldova have every reason to expect a zero tax rate. To do so, one is only expected to start commercial activities outside the country’s territorial boundaries.

Flexible banking structure. Specialists of PFSER possess the adequate knowledge and capacities to help the business owner to open an account with any bank in the world.

Reliable protection and governmental support. All assets in the country are protected at the state level. Private financial assets, as well as the property of the founders of the company, are not affected in process of taxation.

Perfect investment climate. The laws of Europe apply within the country that attract investments and guarantee security of invested, accumulated and earned funds.

How to establish company in Moldova

If the client is concerned in offshore zone of Moldova, he can choose one of two ways to open a company. The first way is a choice of registered company on the list offered (created within one day), the second way is to register a new company (feasible within 10 days).

How to Establish Company in Moldova?

The next stage is payment for services for re-registration and obtaining of property rights. It should be taken into account that employees of Private Financial Services act exclusively in favor of their clients and make the best attractive offer for them, namely the payment rated at 50% of the total amount of the service. The client may want to pay the remainder as his company is successfully registered in Moldova and he receives documents confirming it.

After the data collection begins, the complete package of required documents is executed. Information on the new company is filed with the register. Further, PFSER specialists communicate originals of the Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Association to the client using the most reliable postal service. It allows quick transfer of securities to different, even most distant corners of our planet.

What are advantages of a client who places an order with Private Financial Services to open a company in Moldova? It is an opportunity to open your own business within a day only, possibility to do business abroad Moldova at zero tax, possibility to use the nominee service. Services to prolong the registration should be paid on the second year. Our company has been successfully cooperated with lots of countries; we communicate filed documents to the business owner via couriervice.

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