Investment Company in Latvia

In Latvia, the Special Commission is responsible for monitoring and licensing by State bodies. The Commission shall issue all the necessary permits granted by the country, with an investment licence issued by the same office. This body, on the basis of the adopted legislative acts, provides supervision over the functioning of firms, makes a list of types of activity for which it is necessary to obtain special permission.

To such investment “category” it is possible to include Forex firms, brokers, maintenance of trading platforms, financial and trust managers (includes acceptance to fulfillment of orders of investors of the companies) and others.

Investment company in Latvia – peculiarities of license issuing  
In case, when the place of professional activity is chosen by this state, then for an investment license it will be necessary to establish an enterprise on the territory of Latvia. The whole procedure can take 4-10 days (all depends on presence of founders of legal entities), activation of the account in the bank can take approximately 1-2 weeks.

The firm needs to provide:
Availability of all standards of the enterprise.
The authorized capital should be from 50 000 EUR of its funds, which cover currency, credit and commodity risks.
Payment of the annual fee – since the license is issued for an unlimited period, this type of payment is absent.

To register an enterprise (in the format of a limited liability unit or JSC) it is necessary to provide information about the founders. Also it is necessary to open an account in a banking institution and pay the authorized capital in full. After registration of the firm it is necessary, for reception of a license, to submit together with the list of the securities (the description of firm, reports and other documents) the corresponding statement. The procedure of establishment takes a maximum of 5 working days, and after it within 3 months the decision on granting of the permission is granted.

Since Latvia is the place of registration, your investment license will also be valid throughout the territory of the European Union and all its countries. For the legitimate and full implementation of activities in them, it is necessary to notify the relevant national Commission on expansion of the area of activity. If necessary, you will also have to undergo a passport procedure. Our company will assist you throughout the process of obtaining and working with the license. We have a huge practical experience in this field, deep knowledge of specialists, which allows us to successfully solve any related problems, to overcome all kinds of formal barriers as clearly and quickly as possible and with little involvement of the customer in this confusing process.

The investment company in Latvia has many advantages. For more details, please contact our Latvian office.




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