Collaborating with Private Financial Services, you may open and register a company in London with no troubles and with your precious time saved (within a day only). Britain is an incredibly prestigious EU jurisdiction, not included in any black list. We do business in all countries of the world and we send documents via DHL mail.


As a standard term, an offshore zone is absent in Britain, however, if you follow certain conditions, your company will be able to receive substantial tax preferences. The rate has a wide range for changes in here: from 26 to 0%. Local companies should be audited at any time and keep records if their turnover per annum is over £ 6 million. For successful registration of local LTD, a sole shareholder is sufficient, where its status and residence are not important. Although the amount of the shared capital should exceed £1 thousand pounds sterling, at the registration date you will need to deposit £ 2 pounds sterling only, and laws allow ordinary share issuance along with privileged ones.


The income tax rate varies as per the final financial result:

  • 20% — if less than £0.3 million pounds sterling,
  • 23% — if it is £0.3 to £1.5 million pounds sterling,
  • 26%- if it is over £ 1.5 million pounds sterling.
  • the royalty rate is 22%, VAT is 17 and dividends are 0%. Britain has concluded agreements on the abolition of double taxation with many countries around the world (approximately 100 of them).


Registration of LTD companies in Britain allows international commercial transactions, to serve legal entities and individuals being non-residents. When establishing a company, our employees will also open an account with the British bank and create a British office for you. Our clients will only need:

  • To decide on the choice of ready-made company from the list pre-developed or, if necessary, create it from scratch.
  • To contribute a small advance payment, and to note, only 50% of the total cost of our service is enough to proceed to the procedure, and our clients will pay the remaining assets as they receive the entire package of documents.
  • Registration of a British company is not feasible without submission of reliable personal data.

After that, employees of the Private Financial Services register a company and this will not be an offshore company, and they will dispatch a package of papers to the destination as specified. The name of the original document signed by all nominee partners:

  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Articles of Association.
  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Resolution of Shareholders
  • Minutes of the First Meeting.
  • Share certificate.

When the company has a nominal service, the following is also required:

  • Stock Transfer Form.
  • Declaration of Trust.
  • Legalised General Power of Attorney for a year or till the date of company prolongation as apostilled
  • Letter of Resignation with date not specified.
  • Nominee Services Agreement.
  • Share certificate.


Company registration imposes obligations on annual submission of declarations and reports to authorities and necessity of keeping records. In the 1st year of creation, the company receives a 9-month period of benefits for reporting purposes.

The company is exempted from audit only when:

  • The company employs less than 50 persons.
  • The annual turnover is less than £ 6.5 million pounds sterling.
  • The cost of assets on the balance sheet is less than £ 3.26 million pounds sterling.


Although it is impossible to acquire an offshore as this term is normally understood in Britain, this country anyway attracts non-residents of this jurisdiction. This is due to lots of advantages for corporations registered here.

This is primarily:

  • Preferential tax regime.
  • Stable banking sphere.
  • High level of investment attractiveness.
  • Great prestige of the state compatible with the highest authority in business environment on the international market.
  • Low price of servicing and registration.
  • No currency monitoring by the country.
  • The rights of shareholders are protected since the liability is limited by the amount of deposit.

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