Types of company

Two forms of doing business are used for non-resident companies in the country:


The form of joint-stock company (JSC). Requirements: the authorised capital of 50000 TR paid by shareholders at the time of registration and distributed as per shares, at least one founder (including a legal entity). A Board of directors shall be created for the company, a general meeting shall be held, even if the founder is the sole member. Yet, the use of nominal service is implied.


It is an analogue of our Limited Liability Company (LLC). Requirements: initial capital – 5000 TR, two shareholders (can be non-residents) and the director available when signing documents.


Company Formation in Turkey and Taxation

The tax payment procedure in the Republic of Turkey shall be determined by the company status, i.e. whether it is a partnership or a foreign company. Any business pays the corporate tax rated at 33%, VAT – 18%, as well as contributions on gifts or acceptance of inheritance rated at 4-30%. The stamp duty shall be levied on contracts, bills, letters of credit, and real estate transactions are taxed at 4.8%.

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