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The advanced development of the global economy takes place through the comprehensive financing of various industries and certain activities. To make this happen as efficiently as possible, the work of special companies representing investment organizations is arranged. They accumulate funds with the participation of the issue of securities, which are then intended to invest in bonds and shares of the most promising foreign and national large companies. The procedure of registration of the investment firm, if it is done in full compliance with the legislative norms, allows to legally conducting the following activities:

  • dealer – sale or acquisition of CB, held at its own expense on its own behalf, subject to obligations to carry out transactions at the declared value;
  • management of authorized securities – the process takes place directly by the company representative for a certain fee;
  • brokerage – sale and acquisition of securities by the Central Bank under contractual obligations with the client.

Also it is necessary to notice, that companies can keep to the depositary professional activity, registers of owners of securities and other work.


The basic classification of organizations depends on the purposes of their creation. The registration of such an investment company may mean the creation of an entity for the following purposes:

  • accumulation of funds belonging to potential clients with their subsequent investment in successful enterprises for further profit;
  • distribution of already available funds for risk diversification – it is important to always be aware of the most actual and accurate information on the present financial condition of enterprises, to be able to make forecasts of further functioning and so on.

The main purpose of the concentration of funds and their further investment in successful projects of the company is often created by the type of funds, which eventually transformed into joint stock companies.


To start functioning, the investment company has undergo the standard procedure, which is regulated by legislation. It includes two stages. These include the preparation and direct registration of a new investment company with selection of the Director General, as well as the controller, specialists in the work with passports and others. You also have to undergo a licensing procedure for priority areas of activity, such as dealer or brokerage.


Experts of our company will help clients to get a license, will accompany the whole process that will allow you not to spend your own time on many organizational aspects. The Private Financial Services is reasonably considered to be an experienced and authoritative member of the legal and consulting services market. Our work is always carried out at a high professional level, in the shortest possible time, with maximum efficiency and without the need to involve intermediaries. We work, and our client is not distracted from their profile activity.

We provide clients with:

  • individual approach with maximum involvement of the client in the case materials;
  • adequate consultations;
  • prompt response to requests;
  • competitive cost of services;
  • comprehensive support.


As under conditions of the Russian reality certain economic instability feels, it is often enough to consider foreign investments as the advantageous method of capital increase, the tool of effective activities and increase welfare. In countries with successful economies, business-friendly legislation and the stability of the political component, investments invested fairly quickly, and soon begin to yield tangible profits. But it is necessary to notice that there are serious restrictions.

In order to conduct similar activities, an investment license is required, the conditions for which will be determined by several factors. At all times, the specialists of Private Financial Services take into account the action of each of them and provide their customers with comprehensive support, guided by the requirements and characteristics of customers. The license grants the right to:

  • function as a financial adviser;
  • receive interest for operations with securities;
  • accumulate profitable funds in the process of managing foreign assets and others.

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