Investment Company in Belize

Belize is a state which is characterized by its maximum convenience in conducting offshore operations. Its legislative framework is best optimized to the needs of potential investors and their needs. However, the maintenance of the vast majority of activities available there requires a special licence, which is dealt with by the International commission of the country, which, among other things, is also the regulator of financial services at the national level. It is for this reason that, regardless of the diversity of names, the procedure for permitting documentation has little or no distinction. An investment company in Belize can be registered as soon as possible with minimal investment.

Investment company in Belize, license and process of its registration

Issuance of investment license in the territory of Belize is subject to availability of the entire required package of registration documents, authorized capital, volume of which can vary and be determined on the basis of the specific activity, and in addition to all the required fees for fees.

The process itself includes a number of such stages:

  • Incorporation of a company that will subsequently require a license. Duration of procedure, as a rule, from a day or more, requires correction of completed special form, copies of passport pages and the form of payment for services with obligatory translation in English and certification at the notary;
  • Opening a bank account – the bank itself should be subject to the jurisdiction of Belize. An investment license is issued only on the fact of transfer of personal funds in the amount of $25000-500000 USD with capital freezing for the whole period of the company’s operation;
  • Payment of registration fee and annual license fee in the amount of $2500-5000 USD;
  • Submission of documents to the IFSC for their study and decision-the duration of consideration is usually 4-8 weeks.
  • Obtaining documentation implies the presence of a staff member with a legal or financial profession. The director should be a resident of the state. The address for register and recommendations is obligatory – banking, as well as audit or law firm.

Private Financial Services and the benefits of cooperation
investment license for a country like Belize is an extremely important regulatory instrument, and the authorities are therefore showing special attention to all the rules for its preparation and registration.
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