Company in Botswana – Types of Companies

Sole proprietorship — this is a kind of business which is owned by one person who is known as a sole proprietor. The sole proprietor enjoys all the profits alone. Unlimited liability implies that the sole proprietor is liable for any obligations or debts the business may have.

Partnership — is a business which is owned by more than 2 people. The profits are shared among the partners.

Private limited company — this kind of business can be formed by a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 50 people. The company must appoint at least one resident to be a director and also 1 shareholder of any nationality. The company must have a registered office within Botswana.

Public limited company — type of business is formed by a minimum of 50 members. Two directors must be appointed and 7 shareholders. One of the directors must be a resident while the other can be of any nationality.

Branch office — this refers to when an oversees company sets up a complete company in Botswana in the form of a branch office. This company can carry out all its business activities in Botswana. For it to be registered it must have 1 director and 1 shareholder.

Representative office — kind of company which is usually set up mainly to promote or research the market for the products of a foreign company. It’s not allowed to carry out any business-related or commercial activities.


Benefits of registering the company in Botswana

Botswana has highly advanced finance and banking systems in the African continent

This country which has English as its official language has high levels of literacy

Botswana has enjoyed long periods of democracy in Africa and also a stable political environment

Botswana has set up regulation which allows business people and companies to freely use their profits and capital without charging them any fees

There are also no restrictions or controls placed against foreign exchange transactions. This encourages people to invest their business in Botswana

Botswana leads the whole world in producing high amounts of diamonds. Orapa which is one of its minds it’s the largest diamond mine worldwide in terms of quantity and value that it produces annually. Animal husbandry, tourism and mining are the main industries in Botswana.
If company in Botswana does not meet your business needs, alternatively you can register a company in Mauritius.

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