Company Formation in Panama

Panama is among first countries that created the most advantageous conditions for promotion of multinational activities. Rather loyal laws of the country create ideal conditions for registration of foreign companies intended to carry out profitable business here and to minimize taxes. Panama's offshore zone is available for corporations, various funds and trust associations. The country is known for positive investment background and well-developed economy. The assets of businessmen are reliably secured against foreigners.

Peculiarities of Jurisdiction

To register a company in Panama at least three directors and at least two shareholder partners are required. They may be both natural persons and legal entities. In this case, natural persons may be residents of other countries. Panama does not place strict conditions concerning residency. The authorized capital of the company equals to $10 thousand US dollars. The law allows the issue of privileged and nominal shares, with par value or not, bearer shares and shares without the right to vote.

Today is allowed to carry out any business prohibited by law at the territory of the country.  Businessmen who have decided to buy an offshore in Panama need an office premise to be registered within Panama. The specialists of Private Financial Services Company will help to quickly open and register a suitable office. The company also provides the nominal service.

Benefits of Offshore in Panama

The state with such loyal laws and so stable economy attracts businessmen from different countries of the world. The company’s registration in Panama is carried out quickly, simply, not too costly, not extorts the personal presence of the business owner.

Main Benefits

  • Territorial differentiation is taken into account when calculating tax rates. Offshore companies involved in foreign economic activity and receive income from it, do not pay taxes on them.
  • Privacy of any personal information. The law of Panama does not provide for disclosure of personal data of the company founders. Moreover, the nominal service in the country is allowed at the legislative level.
  • Investment security. The stable political course of the authorities, as well as the developed infrastructure of Panama are good prerequisites to attract investors and capitalization.
  • Non-residents are exempted from any reporting.

The employees of Private Financial Services shall do a firm registration in Panama and send all the papers to its owner via DHL. We offer very favorable terms of the deal – advance payment in the amount of 50%.

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