Investment Companies in Estonia


Any activity related to investments and finances in Estonia is regulated by the laws which are created according to the requirements and standards of the European Union. Therefore, the implementation of such activities is possible solely on the basis of the authorization obtained. Such license is issued by the authorized body –Financial Inspectorate of Estonia. It is considered valid throughout the European Union and is not limited in terms.

With caution on the above mentioned, such prestigious, close and at the same time prospective jurisdiction as Estonia, providing investment licenses, opens up to the applicants excellent opportunities in such areas:

– purchase and transfer of shares, portfolio management;
– execution of orders of clients, which concern financial activity;
– activity of funds, trading platforms, etc.;
– underwriting of the CB issue.

In order to obtain the activity permit from the Estonian Financial Inspectorate, it is initially necessary to register a company that will work on this profile. To do this, the founders will need:

– to make the amount of the authorized capital, which can vary significantly depending on the direction of activity of a particular company, but always is within the range of 50 thousand euros to 730 thousand;
– to pay the supervisory fee as extort laws, as per this jurisdiction (usually consisting of 1% of the minimum capital amount and 0.15-0.75% of the total value of the property);
– open an account in a suitable banking institution.


Documents required for registration and the principle of authorization for activities.

When making a company for a specific activity on the basis of a license issued by the state, it will be necessary to prepare a large set of papers. Experienced employees of the company “Private Financial Services” will help to do this as well as get a ready license. Qualified specialists are ready to provide customer support at each stage of the procedure.

Private Financial Services provides assistance for the following:

  • collection, preparation and delivery of the required documentation to the authorized bodies;
  • support in the course of solving organizational issues that relate to the company’s activities;
  • support in obtaining a permit for activities (licenses);
  • consults clients at the highest professional level.

After the company with the foreign owner will be registered in the territory of Estonia, the investment license shall be obtained in the following order:

– formation of a set of documents, which will include: constituent documents, personal data of the members of the Board of Directors, application signed by the company’s management board, personal data of the shareholders-shareholders, business plan, papers confirming the existence of the necessary criminal Code, reporting;
– filing of the application, term which, according to the law, can be from two to six months;
– making a decision.

If a license applicant has the necessary qualifications and training, owns the necessary work areas, did not come across a violation of the law, in which case he will necessarily be granted the required permission to maintain certain type of work activity.

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