Benefits of registering the company in Norway

Experts of international activity of the company operate with different countries. If your choose Norway, feel free to contact our company for help. We will advise you in detail about operation in this jurisdiction, help you with the choice of legal form and registration of the company in Norway. You have made the right choice since:

In Norway you can be sure in security of invested funds, as the reliability of the invested capital guarantees favorable investment and economic environment;

Your new company will be included in the prestigious jurisdiction: Norway has the perfect and doubtless reputation on the international business market;

Business details are under conditions of political stability;

The national legislation is simple and understandable, loyal to non-resident companies;

Companies have the opportunity to get tax benefits;

The procedure of registration of a new company in Norway takes short time and does not require full involvement in process for the founder;

You have the right to use services of nominee representatives and maintain confidentiality.



If you compare tax rates in the EU Member States, the Norwegian taxes are considered moderate. One cannot be fully exempted from the tax burden as there is no offshore zone in Norway as such; legal entities can get benefits only under special circumstances and you will be informed of them at personal consultation. The standard payment on income taxes is 28% in Norway, VAT and dividend payment – at 25%, but the rate can be reduced to 15% for investors representing OECD countries.


Types of companies in Norway

You can open a new company in Norway for the following legal forms:

LLC. This form is the mostly sought-after therein since it has the least registration requirements: the contribution of 30000 NOK, one shareholder, one director (transfer of shares is not provided).

JSC. Ranked second as the most popular type of business in the region. At such activity the size of the authorized capital is much higher-1,000,000 NOK, but companies are allowed to issue and sell shares freely.

Partnership. This type of activity limits responsibility of members, but there is no requirement for the amount of the authorized capital, and only one partner is enough for registration.

Our company offers services of registration and servicing of a legal entity in Norway. For you, we offer a full range of legal services, consulting and help with making a choice with legal form of doing business in this country.

We significantly simplify the company registration in Norway for our clients and offer a list of established companies with zero reporting. If there is no suitable company among them, we will create a completely new legal entity as per the legal form chosen by you. In order to register a business, we need the owner data and the name that meets requirements of Norwegian jurisdiction.

The special anti-crisis program that we offer during this tough economic period allows comapny registration in Norway more accessible for domestic business. Now, you do not need to pay the entire cost of registration; make a 50% down payment of the total amount of the contract. You will pay the remainder as we fulfill contractual obligations and deliver a full package of your executed documents to the new company in Norway via courier service to any point in the world.

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