Starting a Company in Macau – Overview

Macau offers a plethora of opportunities to offshore businesses to flourish on its land and reap benefits. This place offers a warm invitation to non-Macau citizens to set up their ventures on its soil by offering various tax benefits. In some cases, Macau might offer an exemption of taxes to non-Macau citizens pertaining to salaries, business set up, profits, and property transfer for the initial three year period. Here we come into the picture and offer our expert assistance to set up your venture in Macau.

Legal Forms for Starting a Company in Macau

One of the important tasks in setting up your company in Macau would include brainstorming about the company structure which you would like to follow. Here we will discuss some of the prominent company structures of Macau.


Offshore Ventures should have a minimum of 1 shareholder and a Market Operating Price (MOP) of a minimum of 25,000. Limited Liability Companies (LLC) is categorized into LLC by shares, LLC by quotas, and LLC by a sole owner. In the case of LLC by shares, the minimum number of shareholders should be 3 and the minimum amount of registered assets or MOP should be 1 million. For LLC by quotas, the minimum amount of MOP required is 25,000 and there should be around 2 to 30 shareholders in the company. In the case of LLC by a sole owner, the minimum MOP should be 25,000 with no less than 1 shareholder.

Mixed Liability Companies (MLC) is also categorized into MLC by quotas and MLC by shares. For MLC by quotas, the MOP does not have any minimum requirement and it is primarily run by monetary contributions. It requires a minimum of 2 shareholders- one with limited liability and the other with unlimited liability. On the other hand, in the case of MLC by shares, there has to be a minimum of 3 limited liability shareholders and 1 unlimited liability shareholder. The minimum amount of registered assets should be no less than 1 million.

There is no minimum requirement of market operating price for Private Unlimited Companies. There should be a minimum of 2 shareholders present in this structure.

One of the most sought-after company structures preferred by non-Macau citizens is undoubtedly Macau limited company. In this case, the risks undertaken by the shareholders are restricted to their asset contributions. The minimum required registered principal amount is 25,000 in this structure. Macau limited companies should have a minimum of 1 shareholder and 1 executive officer.

Another type of popular company structure is Macau holdings limited company. It is a type of limited partnership company where the assets are divided equally into shares. The advantage of such an organizational structure is that in case of a loss, it is mitigated due to the presence of a holding company. The presence of a secretary is also mandatory in this type of company set up. This structure has a minimum capital requirement of 1 million and should have no less than 3 shareholders and 3 executive officers.

We have one of the best legal teams who are armed with the expertise to guide you in understanding the organizational structures of Macau and also get you registered without any hassle. Our services include:

Assistance in finding a suitable name for your company and deciding its organizational structure;

Assistance in making a brochure enlisting your business plan, possible investments and projected profits during the initial period of three years;

Assistance in preparing company documents like articles of association (AOA) containing the private contract regarding the company structure, declarations, and affidavits;

Attest and authenticate the company paperwork and legal documents;

Creating a database of shareholders;

Assistance in registering the declarations by board members regarding role acceptance;

Filing letter of application for registering your business;

Assistance in putting up an application for a certificate of admissibility for the name of your venture;

Submission of all the identification documents of shareholders;

Assistance in listing your venture under Movable Property Registry;

Assistance in obtaining tax payment certificate for your venture and also guide you in filling the form of business declaration.

We take pride in providing the best legal services and also feel elated when we successfully set up the dreams of our clients in Macau. Our services are not just restricted to being legal advisors. We will also guide you in the entire process of conducting your business  from starting a company in Macau, helping you with the human resource legalities, as well as guide you with your expansion plans.

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