How to Register a Company in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is one of the most developed countries of the European Union and the world; so it would not be strange to say that its doors are always open for foreign companies. Since 2013, the country has been introducing events attractive for businessmen: the registration of new companies is extremely simplified, so this process will not take longer than a month, if you apply for professional support. It should be noted that no currency control is valid in the country, and the taxation system is very loyal, although it does not allow exemption from taxes. A business should keep records and report.

Types of Companies?

BV is the most popular type of the company with very limited liability. Only one director (same as shareholder) may be as the company member. The company requires opening an office within the country and the authorized stock capital rated at 1 Euro, if the owner wishes. Each founder is entitled to issue registered shares.

NV is a Dutch joint-stock company with at least 1 shareholder and the council with the board. At that, the authorized stock capital shall not be less than 45, 000 Euro.

VOF is a Dutch company that operates without the status of a legal entity, and the liability lies on agreements concluded between partners.

CV is a partnership where the liability of each participant is limited.

Any person of any citizenship may be the founder or shareholder of the new company. Even legal entities may act as a founder.

Registration Process?

Specialists are willing to help with process of company registration in Holland. To begin with,  open a bank account to which all the share capital is deposited. After that you can pay the prepayment for services rated at 30% of the total amount. As your receive the package of documents, you can verify their reliability and effect the remaining payment. It should be noted that even opening a bank account in Holland is not as easy as with professionals. Only they can ensure the proper result.

The next step will be signing of documents at the notary that the owner of a new business can make even with the help of representatives based on the power of attorney. You are not required to fly to Eindhoven or Amsterdam to sign papers by yourself. Our experts will do everything on their own. Only then you can register and get your TIN. All documents are filed with the Commercial Registry, and the appearance of a new company is immediately published in mass media. That is why the work of specialists is easy to verify; you can see the evidence in official papers.

Income tax rate starts with 200, 000 Euro making 25%. Less than 200, 000 Euro is 20%. If you consider VAT, only 3 rates are possible – the standard 19%, preferential 6% and zero rate. All dividends are also taxd at only 15%. The Netherlands, fortunately, has signed double taxation agreements with a large number of countries that reduces the cost of taxes. Stamp duty is also not necessary to pay.

Advantages of the Netherlands

  • Ease of cooperation with a large number of European countries.
  • Developed economy.
  • Strong support from local and state authorities.
  • Loyal tax policy.
  • High level of country.
  • Transparency and honesty of legal system.
  • Availability of registration to all comers.
  • Residence permit in Holland for a newly founded firm or company immediately increases its credibility among bankers.
  • Ease of management from anywhere in the world.
  • No currency control and double taxation.

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