The history of Private Financial Services begins in 1997. Over the time, we have developed into a group of companies with offices in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and Russia. The company’s agents are represented in more than 20 countries.

From the moment of our foundation, we have been active in the provision of corporate services, financial and legal services. During the existence of our company, we have built partnerships with leading international consulting, financial, auditing companies and banks.

Private Financial Services provides services of talented specialists with broad international experience, knowledge in various fields and education from leading universities. Moreover, we have a multilingual team and speak English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Russian, Estonian, Latvian and Finnish.

We offer innovative business solutions which allows to build structures and execute transactions. Regardless of the scale of your project, you will receive the effective support that is required for meeting your objectives. Your business and your commercial goals come first for us!

Our services today

Today, «Private Financial Services» is a reputable player in the financial and legal market, a player whose opinion is respected and listened to. For our clients, we provide a whole range of programs for the integrated development of their business-projects, including:


Registration of legal entities in more than 100 countries and their full support


Support in opening accounts in various credit and financial institutions in more than 100 jurisdictions


License obtaining for various business activities in more than 40 jurisdictions


Citizenship and residency programs in more than 30 jurisdictions

Structuring and tax planning in the international market;

Protections of assets;

Comprehensive programs for bringing business to international markets;

Yachts and Ships registration;

Trademark and patent registration;

Procedures of reorganizations (including mergers and acquisitions, consolidations, allocation and redomiciliation);

Family Office services;

And many others consulting, legal and financial services.

About Us

For more than 7 years,

besides providing solutions and services for traditional business, we are specializing in FinTech and IT law, accompanying the largest and most complex projects, including neobanks, leading cryptocurrency exchanges, aggregator platforms.

About Us

In our activities,

we always respect world’s standards of productive and effective work, passing to our clients all the accumulated experience, which is appreciated by them and has a beneficial effect on the stability and well-being of the companies.

About Us
About Us

Advantages of working with us

Our cooperation is:

Your confidence and stability;

Saving time and money;

Minimizing the risks;

Searching for ways to improve profitability;

Involving highly specialized experts to solve any issues;

Ensuring absolute privacy and confidentiality.

In our activities, we profess a comprehensive and individual approach to every customer, taking into consideration all their wishes, requests and needs. Thanks to this approach, we can guarantee the positive result with a prompt response to all incoming inquiries. We work all over the world, operate on the basis of any initial data, provide business support accordingly to foreign legislation, forming a solid foundation for improving your welfare, while maintaining your confidentiality. Eliminate and mitigate all risks and possible troubles, get rid of organizational and other nuances – entrust all this to us.

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