Company Registration in Croatia

Company Registration in Croatia – Overview

Company registration in Croatia comprises of many institutions, intermediaries and steps. After meeting the requirements, the founder is expected to appoint one person who is expected to be a director of the company. The director can be the founder or a third party person. The found must also have a passport which is used in producing a TAX ID for individual doing business in Croatia. After the company set up process has been completed, a founding share capital of 2.700 Euros can be used in conducting the normal activities of the business

Company Registration in Croatia

Formation process

Checking of the company name is done at a local commercial court.

The memorandum of association is created and registered within the commercial court.

An official seal is created and registered by the statistics institute in Croatia.

The company is registered at the Tax authority in Croatia so that they are given a VAT number and mandate to conduct foreign trade.

The company is registered at Croatian Health Insurance Institute and Croatian Pension Insurance Institute.

The stakeholders are allowed to access the application forms so that they can start registering their employees.

Finally, in case there are any issues involving administration, they are also done in front of the regulatory agencies and Croatian authorities.

We can assist you in registering your company provided you have a required share capital.

Some of the issues that we can assist you are:

Checking the company name.

Registration of your company at a commercial court.

Registration of the company the Croatian Institute for statistics.

Registration of VAT at a Tax Authority.

Bookkeeping and accounting services.

Registration of your business at the Pension insurance institute of Croatia.

Advising you on the regulations concerning taxes.

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