Company Registration in Samoa

Specificity of Company Registration in Samoa

Samoa cannot be found on blacklists known to all the FATF and OECD business sharks, which means that there is one more place on the map to develop truly profitable activities without taxation. Of course, only under such conditions business is done outside the island. For the majority of businessmen, the sum of the authorised capital in the amount of $1 million US dollars will not be a big obstacle to open the firm. In addition, you do not need to pay for registration in official authorities. It should also be noted that registration requires at least 1 person, who will function as a director and a shareholder. Normally companies are established as International company, and all data about the owner or the founder will be concealed in the secret register which is not accessible to public.

Company Registration in Samoa


It is important to know that Samoa has never signed treaties with other countries on double taxation. That is why for you to get the desired benefits, several requirements should be met, namely:

Do not buy property in Samoa (you can only rent villas or apartments).

Do not use your business on the island by offering services or merchandise to Samoan residents.

Buy a license to conduct certain activities (first of all, it comes about insurance and banking sphere).

Company Registration in Samoa

Legal system

Do not forget that a company office should operate in Samoa. To open it, you need services of the resident registration agent, who will lease premises for rent and provide support. Once you have registered an offshore company, you will receive complete confidentiality and your data will be hidden. In addition, Samoa does not need to specify foreign currency transactions in the accounting. You can forget about keeping records! No reporting! And, of course, you need zero taxation of income, which you receive outside the island, will always please. The stamp duty in Samoa is also not paid. There are too many pros to keep on looking for another offshore zone!

Remember that only properly executed documentation will help you buy offshore and securely register a new legal address in Samoa. Our professionals can help you quickly create a new company or company from scratch. Normally, 50% of the advance payment to start the company is enough. The main thing you need to know – the firm registration in Samoa will be quick and be one of the best options for value.

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