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International trademark registration
In case you sell your products at international markets, then we can help in protecting your trademarks. Although you cannot get an idea like a global trademark, the Madrid protocol is an internationally designed system which is meant to facilitate registration of trademarks in many countries. Through this system, it’s easy for you to extend an EU, Asian, American or UK trademark to other countries, so long as they’re members of the Madrid protocol. Some of the members of this protocol are Australia, Japan, China, USA and all countries which are members of the European Union.

This international registration affects all member countries which have been highlighted by the application, provided their national offices has refused to protect them. This system is one of the best cheapest ways that you can use in protecting your trademark in many countries which are not members of the EU. The cost of this international registration will vary according to the interest of the country.

Benefits of international registration

i) It offers a cost-effective and convenient way for filling and also maintaining trademarks rights internationally.
ii) You’ll not be required to hire local lawyers in the stipulated countries to expect if problems arise.
iii) It’s easy to extend this international registration so that other countries can be added at any time even after registration.
iv) Some regions/countries can obtain protection quickly using this international system due to the strict time limits which are highlighted out in the Madrid protocol.
v) It’s only the actual countries which are covered under this registration, in case any issue arises in one country, this country can be dropped without affecting others.

European Trademark registration

When it comes to Europe, a trademark can be protected by filling the national trademarks within the countries or throughout the European Union through the EU trademark. An EU trademark refers to a single trademark registration which covers all the 28 members countries of EU with a cost which is much lower compared to filing individual trademarks applications in every member countries.

There’re also national trademark systems which still operate alongside the EU trademark system. In case you’re doing trade in more than one EU country, then an EU trademark registration is the best cost-effective way that you can protect your mark in these countries.

An EU trademark registration is valid for 10 years and can be renewed after the elapse of that period.

Some of the services that we offer are:

i. Registration of trademarks internationally and also in the EU member countries.
ii. Drafting contracts for the use and transfer of trademark rights.
iii. Advising our customers on the choice of trademarks that they can get and what the protection can cover, searching for trademarks and assessing is a country has the potential of being registered.
iv. Amending the trademark registers and preparing the required documents for amending these changes.
v. Monitoring the trademark rights so that we can prevent the registration of similar trademarks which can be confusing to the members.
vi. Management of the trademarks portfolio
vii. We do represent our customers in any disputes such as trademark infringement and trademark registration.

Patents and utility models

Any invention can be protected as utility or patents models. For any invention to gain protection, it must process novelty, have an inventive step and have the ability to be applied in the industry. The owner will enjoy the right of his invention being protected, therefore it cannot be used with the consent of the owner. This protection makes sure that the competitors will not take advantage of the costs that will be incurred while this invention is still being developed. This can enable a business to obtain a good return on investments during the development stage through the sale of sole right or licensing.

Some of the services in that we offer in the field of inventions are:

i) Representation in disputes about utility and patent model.
ii) European patent validations.
iii) Drafting contracts for use and transfer of sole right.
iv) Initiating changes in registers and preparing important changes needed for these changes.
v) Drafting and filing the utility and patent model applications.
vi) Representing the applications in this model at the European patent office and also at the world intellectual property organization.
vii) Assessing if a particular invention has the potential of being protected.

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