Company Registration in South Africa

The transition from business to the international market, as well as optimization of taxation are important aspects of the construction of efficient and profitable activities. All this can be done without much effort with the company registered in South Africa. This state is the most optimal for carrying out export and import activities, formation of holdings and other variations of companies, which is largely due to the lack of taxes on financial growth.

Our Advantages

All those who apply to Private Financial Services are guaranteed to acquire not only the highest level of service, but also qualified support of professionals. To activate the procedure of registration of a new firm it is enough to pay a deposit, which amount does not exceed 50% of the total transaction value. You can purchase an offshore in South Africa at 24 hours only by choosing one of ready-made solutions offered by our consultants.

General Information

The PLC format requiring the presence of at least two participants, as well as PC format – where the staff can be of one founder for companies registered in the territory of South Africa are offered. As for the authorized capital, the minimum rate is 100,000 South African rand. A 1/4 of this amount is required at registration. Company is available to carry out the issue of registered shares, the transfer of which is possible subject to the consent of all shareholders.

Registration of the Company in South Africa and its Advantages

South Africa offshore holds fairly confident position among the entire list of countries where there are favorable conditions for doing business on the part of non-residents. The legislation is more than loyal and opens extensive opportunities to be used without excessive efforts to increase the profitability of its enterprise. Such companies offer their owners many advantages, and among them:

  • Transparent taxation – within the territory of South Africa all non-residents, who conduct their activities outside the State, are completely exempt from any tax deductions. The agreement on double taxation with a number of countries, among which is Russia.
  • Highly developed and stable infrastructure – South Africa is the most developed state on the whole continent, which has a vast financial potential, is supplemented by all the required conditions for maximum smooth promotion profitable business. An excellent level of development is also inherent to the market of legal services and banking;
  • Engagement of nominal service – in this country, the services of nominee representatives are allowed at the legislative level, so that finances and time can be considerably saved. Founders are not obliged to permanently stay in South Africa, arrange the office and so on. Office leasing and execution of all formalities can be carried out by forces of corporate residents acting on behalf of businessmen.

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