Company Formation in New Zealand

One of prospective tax zones for international business is the offshore zone of New Zealand. It is allowed to open trust firms, joint stock companies, subsidiaries and even branches of large corporations within its jurisdiction. With the help of our company you can buy an offshore in New Zealand within three weeks without leaving your country.

Offshore Features

The company’s registration in the area of preferential taxation in New Zealand takes place within the framework of the Companies Act applicable in the country. Founders of the new company have the right to define the size of the authorized capital on their own. For commercial activity only one manager and one shareholder are required, whose functions are often performed by beneficiaries.

For non-residents registering a company in New Zealand offshore, there is one important provision – office functioning within the country. Managers of our company will be ready to find solutions and will invite the experienced resident agent to your new office. To open a new company, it is enough to make an advance payment in the amount of 50% of the cost of services ordered. You will pay the remaining amount as your receive registration documents confirming successful registration of the company in New Zealand offshore.

Advantages of Special Territories

The country’s offshore zones attract investors from all over the world due to financial stability and loyal to business structures legislation. This state policy gives a lot of advantages to entrepreneurs:

  • Zero tax rate. All companies registered in offshore zones and non-residents of New Zealand are exempt from taxation, while local companies pay 39% of their income to the state.
  • Comfortable investment climate. Owners of large capitals are securely protected and may be safe about their money, which are remained and give profit.
  • Tax reporting is to be submitted once a year. Those companies, in which more than half of the founders are non-residents, are exempt from monthly accounting reports, which are submitted only once a year.
  • Freedom of foreign exchange transactions. There is no state currency control in New Zealand.

At your request, the managers of Private Financial Services will prepare a package of documents (application for company registration, constituent documents, register, certificate of registration, consent form), register the company in an offshore zone and communicate documents to any country by DHL. Also, you will be offered a list of ready-made companies with zero reporting to choose.

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