Mauritius Company Formation

The Mauritian legal framework allows excellent environment to do business. Both local companies and offshore companies do normally business in the country. Local businesses are exempt from double taxation, though they are obliged to pay a tax rate on profits. Offshore companies in Mauritius have a good chance to carry out their effective commercial activities outside of this island.

Entrepreneurs Are Absolutely Liberate Here 

Here, entrepreneurs may choose any area of concentration on their own. Talking about the most popular vectors, we can mention those related to the financial flow management. It is all about such activity as forex-exchange, securities, etc. It is quite easy to obtain a financial license according to laws of Mauritius today and this is why such things are sought-after and trendy. Due to this, the national financial sphere develops very dynamically offering good profits to businessmen.

Distinctive Properties of Jurisdiction

Currently, the company’s registration in Mauritius is feasible if the share capital is paid in the amount of only $1 US dollar or its equivalent in pounds or Euro. Opening of the company is possible in two forms:

  • IC, that requires at least one person in the membership;
  • OC, when at least two shareholders should be there in the membership.

Advantageous Features of Mauritius

There are lots of arguments to focus on advantageous to buy an offshore in Mauritius. Here are some basic ones:

  • Quite formed infrastructure. Today, almost 15 000 offshore companies and credit and financial institutions are registered in this jurisdiction that are quite successful in their activities. Stable economy and flexible regulations create a reliable area for the development and profitability of any kind of business.
  • Loyalty to business. No currency control, no need for auditing. The legislation requires only a report on operations held by the company and always keep documents in the office.
  • Simple and affordable registration procedure.
  • The Mauritius offshore zone is known for stable policy of the government and positive investment climate. This favors the progress of business on a multinational scale, guarantees safety and efficiency of the invested capital.
  • Nominal service is allowed. Using services of resident shareholders, you can hide your personal data and keep full confidentiality of business owners.

The specialists of the Private Financial Services will register company for the client quickly, inexpensively and at the highly professional level. The finished package of documents shall be delivered via DHL mail service.

Share Issue is Allowed

The laws of the country authorize the issue of nominal and privileged shares with par value, bearer shares and shares to be repaid.

Resident companies are obliged to pay the tax rate on profit to the national treasury that equals 3%. If the company operates outside the territory of Mauritius, the tax is calculated at the minimum zero rate.

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