It might be wise to consider company formation in Mexico. Mexico is an open economy and among the top traders with America. The country took the necessary steps to attract foreign investments. Mexico doesn’t put limitations or restrictions on overseas ownership. Businesses can invest in all types of fields with certain exceptions. Investors can’t participate in activities exclusively performed by the state, domestic passenger transportation, or broadcasting. A company can open a new business in Mexico in the field of broadcasting too. However, overseas ownership is limited to 49 percent only.

Specificity of the registering


Forming a company in the state of Mexico involves a few steps. Also, the requirements to incorporate a business may differ depending on the type of company in question. A limited liability company without stock and a limited liability company with stock and variable capital are the common types of companies in Mexico. Businesses can choose the type of company they wish to form as per their needs.

Choosing the company name is the first step toward forming a company. The Economy Ministry comes into play on this matter. A company has to submit a minimum of three unique names. The Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association should be drafted as per the company law as well as the securities law. The deed of incorporation is executed in the presence of a public officer.

The documents, which include the details regarding the shareholders of the company, are sent to the Public Registry of Commerce. In addition to this, the company should obtain tax identity and register with other authorities like the Foreign Investment Ministry to start its venture.


Legal system

Many entrepreneurs from the US consider their company formation in Mexico, because Mexico offers a special status called maquiladora to investors from America. Usually, US organizations own the maquiladora companies. Plus, the products originating from these companies are exported to the United States first. Not just that, the products are transported to America at preferred tariff rates. The overseas US organization (which subsequently becomes the shelter organization for maquiladora) provides the equipment and machinery required for the Mexican factory, seeks the mandatory permits, hires workers, and handles tax matters associated with the maquiladora.

Outsourcing factories in Mexico comes with a plethora of benefits. Skilled laborers, low cost of production, and logistical advantages are the premium perks of opening a venture in Mexico. This regime and region could be easily accessed by most American organizations, both small and medium-sized companies. However, first-time investors, not familiar with the maquiladora regime and Mexican laws may run into issues during the initial period of company formation. Such investors should get professional help to resolve hurdles that may come along. Our company registration agents could help out on this matter and on many others: company formation in Mexico, drafting of statutory documents, legal address, bank accounts, accounting.

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