Company Formation in Costa Rica

Company Formation in Costa Rica and Types of Companies

The legislative base of Costa Rica offers several forms that allow development of economic entities.

Sociedad Anonima

Joint-stock corporation. Business registration, as per the rules of scheme presented, requires at least two founders with the capital exceeding $100 USD. Meetings of members to the joint-stock company shall be held at least once a year, shareholders may specify the place and time of meetings on their own. Yet, the form of Sociedad Anonima requires the presence of residents-registered agents who communicate with supervising authorities of Costa Rica.

Limited Partnership

The form that is similar to the Russian LLC by structure. The Limited Partnership registration involves the distribution of shares between the founders. Partners participating in the scheme are classified for general (no limitation of liability) and limited (liable within their own contributions).

Less popular forms of business are the following: Sociedad Limitada (Corporate company with limitated liability), Public Limited Liability Companies (Open Type of LLC) and General Partnerships (enterprises without limitations in liability).

The Private Financial Services Group operates a wide range of registration and business opportunities in Costa Rica. Focusing on specifics of the legal and financial field of the country, we undertake a range of obligations to solve routine issues and related problems, without distracting clients from the core business.

To proceed with company formation in Costa Rica we will require: certified passport copy, certified utility bill, bank reference letter, filled application.

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