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Every year the number of foreign companies registered on the territory of Italy is growing. This trend is due to preferences of businessmen to formalize their activities in the developed industrial and agrarian country. Economic policy of the government of the European State is aimed at encouraging foreign business, developed favorable conditions for the development of companies. The majority of non-residents seek to open their representations in the country for entering the foreign market.

Attractiveness of Jurisdiction

Italy is not on the list of States – offshore zones, however, the attractiveness of jurisdiction attracts more and more entrepreneurs.
To make a profitable transaction, to obtain a loan from the counterparty bank, the presence of an affiliate in the developed country of the eurozone is important.
Organizational process of company registration

The Private Financial Services undertakes to quickly and qualitatively implement the registration of a new company or to formalize ownership of the finished company. Certified experts assume all arrangment details, solve the most difficult tasks, take into account the wishes of their clients, as much as possible clarify and advise on the current legislation of the country. All that the client is required to do is a minimum package of personal documents (with personal information about the potential owner of the business), choose the name of the company and pay for services on the provided details.

A special offer – post-factum payment is applied. At the initial stage of company registration, only thirty percent of the total cost of all services is binding to deposit. Only as you get the entire set of registration documents, the remaining seventy per cent shall be paid.

A client may get all official papers using DHL Express delivery service at any given address.

Forms of Doing Business

— Societa a responsabilita limitata (SRL) – closed company with limited liability. The amount of the registered stock capital is directly dependent on the number of shareholders involved in business organization. Ten Thousand Euro should be paid at the time of registration, if there is only one shareholder in the company, subject to participation of two or more shareholders – the sum is reduced four times (two and a half thousand Euro).

A binding provision when choosing a company director is the status of the resident of the European Union. The unlimited number of participants known as non-residents can participate in the JSC. Since Italy is not a tax haven, a foreign company should annually engage audit firms to conduct audits of financial activities. Once a year, authorized bodies shall be provided with consolidated tax report, information on value added Tax – quarterly. Signatories should personally present in the bank to open current accounts. The term of the company registration is about a month.

— Societa in accomandita per azioni (SAPA) is a limited liability joint-stock partnership. The liability of each founder is limited to the amount of funds deposited. It is binding to conduct an audit once a year. The minimum amount of the authorized stock capital is One Hundred Twenty Thousand Euro, at least twenty five percent is paid at the time of registration. If only one individual is involved in process of company opening, the total amount of the authorized capital should be paid.

— Società in Accomandita Semplice (SAS) – еhe form of limited partnership is chosen by small enterprises, whose intra-company turnover does not exceed Two Million Euro per year, and the number of employees is not more than ten people. In addition, representatives of the average business with an annual turnover not exceeding Ten Million Euro and the staff up to fifty people are registered in the form of partnership. Investors may take part in the company management (within limited liability) or fail to participate in the company’s activities. To fill the declaration of employees, it is necessary to seek for the qualified specialist.

Tax Rates and Benefits

The corporate tax rate for a foreign company is twenty-seven and a half percent. Companies that do not temporarily operate are subject to the local tax of 3.9%. A tax of 22.5% is paid for the license fee (royalty). The rate for property transactions (capital gains) is 27.5% of the amount of assets. Subject to certain conditions as stipulated by the fiscal legislation of the country, about ninety five percent of the amount of earned profit can be exempt from the payment of this tax. The amount of received dividends is taxed at the rate of five percent.

Main Benefits and Privileges of Jurisdiction

Italy is among countries with high investment attractiveness. Main advantages and prerogatives of the state:

  • Tax benefits. Italy is not classified as the offshore zone, but under certain conditions the company may reduce tax rates.
  • Simplified registration procedure. The employees of PFSER will choose or register, quickly and on the high quality level, a company according to the applicable legislation of Italy.
  • Encouraging government policy. The mechanism of support of foreign companies is developed and provided at the state level. This region is known for high investment attractiveness, the country maintains the favorable investment climate.
  • Entering the international market. The company registered in Italy allows expansion of horizons of sales of products, provision of services on the global scale.
  • Prestige and demand. An affiliate opened in Italy increases the chances of profitable transactions with large business partners, increases the likelihood to receive the required amount of credit or loan from a bank institution.
  • A service to attract a nominee director or shareholder. The main advantage of the service is not only the security of personal data and absolute privacy of real business owner (beneficiary) and his applicable director, but also the possibility to open current accounts with banks of other countries, to execute legal and representative functions. In addition, the use of the nominee representative helps avoiding the legislative regulation of currency restrictions.

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