Company Formation in UAE

The Arab Emirates is a modern country with the government that created all conditions for business development regardless of whether it is owned by a UAE citizen or a foreigner. The Private Financial Services is engaged in consulting services related to opening of offshore companies in the UAE. Thanks to our extensive experience, our specialists mastered operational mechanisms based on local legislative base.

What are Peculiarities of UAE Jurisdiction?

The Private Financial Services provides a full range of services related to the opening of offshore companies in the United Arab Emirates. The jurisdiction of the country does not provide for introduction of authorized capital at company registration. The account required at the initial stage should be opened only with the local bank and only with the personal presence of the client. The procedure itself takes about three weeks.

Opening a bank account includes:

  • original corporate documents;
  • reference letter of the main financial institution that the Company cooperates with (translation into English);
  • financial statements on asset flow on the main account (translation into English);
  • documents confirming the residence of the client at the address specified in papers (utility bills, etc.).

Offshore companies opened in the UAE can be executed without the need to use a nominal service. There are no requirements for different persons who are owners and managers of companies.

Why UAE are so Popular?

Among the obvious advantages that distinguish the United Arab Emirates among other countries that offer the possibility to open offshore companies, you may find:

  • zero taxation rate in the country;
  • no need to submit financial statements for companies;
  • no currency control;
  • full confidentiality of owner of the company.

Business developed in countries of high level of economics and loyal jurisdiction is advantageous and convenient for clients. Our company offers the assistance in opening offshore companies and registration of resident companies and enterprises in FEZ. Related services to open accounts and get visas are delivered.

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