Company Formation in Germany

Benefits of registering the company in Germany

Doing business in one of the most developed countries of the world suits most entrepreneurs. The country is not referred to offshore zones, but due to economic stability and government policy, foreign companies are given the chance to reduce their tax burden, that’s why many entrepreneurs consider company formation in Germany.

No hard currency regulation;

Anonymity and confidentiality of personal data due to the nominee service;

Simplified registration procedure;

Favorable investment climate;

Security of settlement operations;

Legal tax optimization;

Governmental system of motivation and incentives;

Prestige and authority of the country;

Efficient functioning of the banking system;

Possibility of swift registration of the holding company on favorable terms.

Company Formation in Germany

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To proceed with company formation in Germany, foreign businessmen should meet a range of requirements and conditions as follow:

Personal visit to the Germany at least once a year;

The authorized stock capital is defined at the legislative level in the amount of twenty five thousand Euro; immediately at the time of registration half of the specified amount, that is, twelve and a half thousand Euro should be paid;

Founders and directors of the company are obliged to be non-residents.

Company Formation in Germany

Types of companies

To proceed with company formation in Germany, you need to choose one of the proposed legal business forms as follow:

Joint-stock company

Aktiengesellschaft, AG

Despite the fact that the German economy is known to be similar to the activity on the territory of the offshore zone in certain details, the country is not formally specified as the “tax haven”. At creation of the company, the capital in the amount of fifty thousand Euro should be formed. You have to pay twelve and a half thousand Euro immediately at registration. The legislation of the country allows the issue of registered shares and securities with anonymous holders. A sole shareholder is sufficient to register a company. The main condition is the status of the resident of any state, regardless of the subject of legal relations (legal entity or natural person). To manage the company, the supervisory board should be created consisting of at least three participants and one director. The JSC may exist in two versions: as a closed-type limited liability company or open joint-stock company.


Partnerschaftsgesellschaft, PartnG

Entrepreneurs may formalize their activities to fall under any of four categories as specified by the applicable legislation of the country: Civil Law Society (GbR), partnership with unlimited and limited liability and branches/representations of foreign companies.

Individual company, private individual entrepreneur

Einzelunternehmer / Einzelfirma

The owner is solely responsible for the company performance and takes independent decisions. This business form is suitable for small businesses that do not plan to expand their business and increase the intra-house turnover of the company.

Сommon LLC


Minimum required share capital – 25,000 EUR. UG – start-up model, the same as GmbH but with some restrictions. Share capital might be 1 EUR.

Company Formation in Germany


Tax rates are specified at the high level in the country; however, there are a variety of conditions under which you can get a range of benefits. Qualified employees of the PFSER company are aware of every detail of the current legislation and ensure the professional approach to the system of taxation.

The sppecialists of the Private Financial Services promptly and qualitatively start and complete the procedure of registration of the enterprise in Germany. In addition, the clinet shall be provided with qualified ongoing service.
Each client is paid special attention; at the initial stage employees deliver legal advice, highlight all “bottlenecks” of the legislation of the country, assist in choosing the business legal form.
Are there any other alternatives to company formation in Germany? Yes, you can check out the list of other European jurisdictions.

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