Company Formation in Saint Vincent

Company Formation in Saint Vincent – Overview

The independent state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, located on islands of the Caribbean, is known for its investment attractiveness and loyal legislation for companies and corporations (non-residents).

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a reliable jurisdiction to engage at the international level. At your request, Private Financial Services will register the company in SVG in the shortest possible time.

We offer our clients assistance in creating of a company from scratch or selecting it from the list of ready-made companies.

The laws of the country oblige the registration agent to be a resident of SVG and be present at the legal address of the company. To facilitate this procedure, we will provide you with a professional manager responsible for the company’s activities in the region.

Company Formation in Saint Vincent

Our Services in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Company formation services;

Legal address and secretary service;

Ready-made (shelf) companies in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines available;

Legal opinions in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines;

Legal assistance in SVG;

Licensing in SVG.

Company Formation in Saint Vincent

Benefits of Company Formation in Saint Vincent

St. Vincent and the Grenadines offers the excellent opportunity for effective tax planning and optimization for companies and corporations (non-residents) from all over the world seeking to develop their profitable activities.

Data secrecy. All personal information of the company owners is protected by law. Registry with personal details is not publicly available;

The profit tax rate is equal to zero;

Blockchain companies and crypto companies are eligible to operate in the SVG;

Beneficiaries can use the services of hired representatives (nominees) from the number of resident shareholders and directors;

The company owners are exempt from binding accounting, financial reporting and regular audits;

Low company formation and company renewal costs.

Specificity of Company Formation in Saint Vincent

Regardless of type of activity and areal location of the tax hub, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines promotes business with no tax payment.

Company Formation in Saint Vincent

Business owners are also given the opportunity to use the tool of the nominee service institute. De jure the beneficiary (the real company manager) makes decisions regarding economic and financial activity, and the de facto nominee director makes conclusions and support all legal transactions and actions.

Due to the possibility to avoid paying taxes on profit, capital gains (benefits derived from the sale of comapny assets), state fees, most non-residents prefer purchasing offshore in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. To proceed with the registration procedure of the company, it is enough to form the authorized capital stock in the amount of one US dollar in constituent documents. Founders are not obliged to pay the specified amount.

All established companies operate as International Business Companies with the main advantage of the possibility to register a company in the country where the IBC commercial activity is not taxed or taxed at low interest rate.

Business activities are allowed outside the country of registration or only with other offshore International Business Companies in the country of registration.

The number of participants of the company or corporation shall be not less than 1 person – A Shareholder and a Director (resident of any state).

The representatives of Private Financial Services offer intermediary services for office leases within the country since the registration requires a valid legal address within the offshore zone to be completed.

In Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, it is not possible to do business on trust management of securities, or to engage in the market of insurance and banking services.

We set up companies in SVG for more than 20 years. We would be delighted to register your SVG company just within 5 business days. Everything is on us, we’ll book the name of the company, prepare M&AA, pay all state and notaries fees, provide legal address and secretary services, register your Saint Vincent and the Grenadines company and finally send you a notarized set of statutory documents.
In case of company formation in Saint Vincent does not attract you, you can take a look at other low tax jurisdiction.

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