Canada is attractive for entrepreneurs by its less strict conditions of registration of companies, and absence of restrictions on joint activity with residents of other jurisdictions. Geographically advantageous position of Canada is often used by firms that ship different cargo from the USA to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. Currently, offshore companies in Canada are greatly sought-after in the segment of online business. It's easy to open a web studio or arrange the implementation of prospective projects in the virtual space. With the help of competent experts from Private Financial Services, the company registration in Canada will be held in line with the law and as quickly as possible.

Aspects of Jurisdiction

The offshore zone of Canada provides a fairly loyal tax for non-resident companies that register and do not operate in the country. As the Limited Partnership for which the company should have at least two founders, there is no tax fee at all.

The authorized company registration in Canada allows the amount of 1000 Canadian dollars for the authorized stock capital. The general partner-shareholder can be an individual. For the Limited Partnership, the client is able to choose between a company registered from scratch and a company that is already existing. The begin with, the client should submit documents and pay Private Financial Services 50% of down payment of the total amount.

Advantages of Jurisdiction

As a result of real favorable conditions for commercial activity, many European companies are trying to buy offshore in Canada today. This is a prestigious jurisdiction that is known for such advantages:

  • absence of taxes for non-residents doing business outside the territorial borders of the country;
  • not very strict rules regarding the formation and payment of the stock capital;
  • absence of currency verification of companies in offshore;
  • absence of strict rules on accounting and record-keeping, organization of audit and delivery of declarations;
  • permission to use services of nominee partners-shareholders;
  • authority in the international community;
  • no provisions in terms of residency of the shareholders;
  • possibility for a non-resident to have the right for permanent residence in the country;
  • effective economy and reliable laws that protect businessmen and create the prerequisites for the most successful commerce.

On opening a representative office in Canada, the European businessman will be able to do fruitful business activities with companies representing other jurisdictions. Specialists of the Private Financial Services will help with preparation and registration of documents. The completed papers will be handed to customers in any country via DHL service. Also, business owners will be able to use the nominal services.

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