Company Registration in Bahrain – General information

The major structure of many foreign business investors in Bahrain is a limited liability company. When you look at the Bahrain commercial companies Law of 2001, you will get to know that there are 8 major kinds of companies which can be established in this state. The establishment of these companies will depend on their activity levels and the number of investors.

These companies can be owned 100 % by foreign citizens. However, there are some sectors where a company which is fully owned by foreigners cannot be allowed to do its business. For instance, in insurance and banking industries it’s only the closed joint-stock, public companies and foreign branch companies which are allowed.

Types of Companies Available for Company Registration in Bahrain

Foreign citizens are allowed to establish the following 3 kinds of limited liability companies in Bahrain:

Single person company — a company which is owned by one person.

With limited liability company — requires at least two directors and two shareholders to be formed. It must also have a local resident who is usually assigned to be the secretary of the company.

Bahrain shareholding company — it’s similar like with limited liability company since it requires at least two directors and shareholders and a resident manager (company secretary). In case you have a large project that you wish to do in Bahrain then this is the best company structures you can adopt.

In the above companies, the shareholders do enjoy limited liability, meaning that foreign citizen can own them fully.

The Process of Company Registration in Bahrain

Selecting a legal form. This is where the investors are required to select the kind of company which they think suits them from those highlighted in the Bahrain Commercial Companies Law;

Selecting a unique company name;

Drafting of the document of the company which include; by-laws and articles of association of the company. All these documents must be filed well;

After investors have got all the documents they can go ahead and submit their application so that they can be registered online;

The founders must also submit the copies of their personal identification documents. In a situation where the founders are also shareholders of the company, they must offer copies of the Articles of Association;

Bank account opening.

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