Jurisdiction Registration price
Cryptocurrency License in Estonia from 5 000 EUR
Cryptocurrency License in Malta from 25 000 EUR
Cryptocurrency License in Gibraltar from 60 000 EUR
Gambling License in Malta from 20 000 EUR
Gambling License in Curacao from 12 000 EUR
Gambling License in Estonia from 25 000 EUR
Gambling License in the Isle of Man from 50 000 EUR
Gambling License in Panama from 10 000 EUR
Gambling License in Gibraltar from 60 000 EUR
Gambling License in Costa Rica from 8 000 EUR
Gambling License in Kahnawake from 20 000 EUR
Gambling License in Antilles from 12 000 EUR
Gambling License in Antigua and Barbuda from 14 000 EUR
Gambling License in the UK on request
Gambling License in Alderney on request
Gambling License in Jersey on request
Forex License in Cyprus from 55 000 EUR
Forex License in Mauritius from 20 000 EUR
Forex License in Latvia from 80 000 EUR
Forex License in Belize from 20 000 EUR
Forex License in Vanuatu from 25 000 EUR
Forex Without License from 8 000 EUR
EMI License in the UK from 30 000 EUR
EMI License in Lithuania from 25 000 EUR
EMI License in Estonia from 25 000 EUR
EMI License in Cyprus from 40 000 EUR
EMI License in Czech Republic from 35 000 EUR
EMI License in Malta from 30 000 EUR
PI License in the UK from 30 000 EUR
PSP License in Mauritius from 30 000 EUR
PSP License in Belize from 25 000 EUR
SVF License in Singapore from 35 000 EUR
MSO License in Hong Kong from 25 000 EUR

Private Financial Services registers and accompanies the business and is assisting in licensing and obtaining various licenses since 1997. For over 20 years, we have assembled an international team of professionals, accumulated invaluable experience and knowledge that we will be happy to share, and which will help bring your wildest ideas and projects to life!

We will be happy to help get a license for your company or to license your project quickly and professionally.

Which licenses are we helping to obtain?

Licenses for electronic money institutions, payment institutions, FinTech projects

Licenses for cryptocurrency projects, blockchain projects, ICO projects

Licenses for exchange points

Licenses for insurance companies, insurance brokers

Licenses for credit/investment institutions

Licenses for travel agencies

Licenses for logistics companies, freight forwarders

Licenses for energy and fuel companies

Licenses for pharmaceutical companies

And many other licensing services

This is only a small part of the aspects that make it profitable to obtain a license in another country.

In which countries do we help obtain licenses?

Countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area

Antigua and Barbuda



Great Britain

Hong Kong



Costa Rica



New Zealand

United Arab Emirates




The main advantages of obtaining a license abroad

The possibility of obtaining additional profits in a stable economic and political environment by reducing tax burdens

The ability to conduct activities that may be prohibited in your country

The ability to enter new markets

The ability to use the resources of world financial centers

Reputation and brand strengthening

Minimization of bureaucratic obstacles

This is only a small part of the aspects that make it profitable to obtain a license in another country.

How to understand where and what license do you need?


Regulations and requirements in the field of licensed projects are changing at the speed of light. What may be relevant today may no longer make any sense or economic benefit tomorrow. In order to “be on the crest of a wave” it is necessary to understand the current regulations of different jurisdictions, trends and know the unspoken rules.

When planning a project, you can spend months or even years studying local laws, rules and international regulations. You can waste weeks or even months turning to specialists in each individual jurisdiction and comparing conditions and prices in different jurisdictions.

Or you can contact us, save a lot of time and get initial consultation regarding the license you are interested in in the context of different jurisdictions.

We at Private Financial Services are engaged in licensing projects and businesses on a daily basis in different countries of the world, licensing is one of our main profiles. Our knowledge and experience will help you to determine the vector of the future direction.


Market Research

After or before you have decided with a license and jurisdiction, it is likely that you will want to analyze the market and competitors. Private Financial Services has a separate team of analysts who will produce for you a detailed report on indicators and criteria you are interested in. This service is provided on a “boutique basis”, which means that having spent several thousand, or even tens of thousands of dollars/euros, you will not receive another mass analysis or report that may already be outdated and used by your competitors. You will receive an exclusive analysis with the latest and current input and data.

How to obtain the license

Step 1

Identification of “pitfalls, analysis”

Once you have decided on the jurisdiction and type of license, you need to understand how your project or your idea fits into the legal field and whether it is doable. At this stage, we will analyze your project, idea, team, business model. We point out the weaknesses, risks and will provide you with the solutions.
If the process seems too complicated or financially costly to you, we will advise you on alternative jurisdictions with more loyal requirements and conditions.

Step 2

Interaction with the supervisor or the regulator (optional, at your request)

If you want to receive answers to any questions from the supervisor or the regulator regarding your idea or potential project before licensing, we can also do this. We are in constant contact with regulators and we can get the answers to questions in a fairly short time.

Step 3

Defining the legal status, company registration

We will register a company for you according to the required legal status, with the required capital, articles of associations and structure – depending on the required license.

Step 4

Compliance with local requirements

In different jurisdictions and for different licenses, there are often certain requirements for local presence. This can be a local bank account, a real office, a local secretary, a local member of the board of directors, or any other employee. We provide similar services and help our clients select the most rational solutions.

Step 5

Preparation of documents and application for a licensing

We full analyze and study your project, collect and prepare all the necessary documents, policies, internal procedures, and provide you with an advice on a business plan. We are in constant interaction with you. After that, we send a correctly executed application to the regulator. Our lawyers answer all questions raised by the regulator, after that a license is issued to your company and you can begin to work.

Step 6

Support for an existing business

After obtaining a license and starting to work, you will definitely have many questions. We will help you and will accompany you while you need it.

Step 7

Audits, reports and other issues

Depending on the license, this may be in a quarter, or maybe in a year, you will face the time of submitting/passing an audit and reporting. We also provide assistance in these matters if necessary.


The time frame for obtaining a license

The biggest part of the timeframe is taken by the stage of preparation by the Client, collecting information and documents, fulfilling certain requirements. Regardless of license and jurisdiction, on average, this period is two months.

At the same time, as a rule, the process of registering a company and fulfilling local requirements is already in process, after which preparation of documents for licensing begins. Regardless of the license and jurisdiction, on average, this period is 1.5-2 months.

The timeframe for obtaining a license depends on the jurisdiction and license. Somewhere you can get a license for a month. Complex licenses can take up to one and a half to two years. On average, this period is 5-6 months.

Documents required to obtain a license


This list of documents is different and depends on the jurisdiction and licensing type, below is a list of documents that you most likely will need for obtaining absolutely any license, regardless of country.

a certified and apostilled copy of the passport (for some jurisdictions, it is necessary to provide 2 different identification documents)

a certified copy of the utility bill/receipt, which can confirm your address of residence

an official document confirming your place of residence

notarized and apostilled power of attorney


letter of recommendation from your bank

bank account statement from personal account

letter of recommendation from a lawyer/accountant or audit firm

certificate of non-criminal record

a document confirming your presence of professional/higher education

source of funds documents

source of wealth documents

any other document may also be requested at the discretion of the regulator


The cost of obtaining a license

The cost of building a structure and licensing depends on the type of license and jurisdiction. For some licenses, the cost starts from 5000-7000 Euros, the average cost is about 25000 – 30000 Euros, some licenses can cost up to half a million.

We draw your attention to the fact that the main expense for you will be associated not with licensing and building the structure, but with the fulfillment of local requirements for the presence and contribution of the authorized capital.

In most cases, the authorized, paid-up capital of a licensed company starts from 10000 Euros, an average is 75000 Euros, and in some cases, it may amount to a million euros.

Turning to Private Financial Services, you get qualified support from the market leader in licensing. We will walk you by the hand from the beginning to the successful licensing/launch of the project, protecting you from unnecessary expenses and hassle.

Private Financial Services – A Reliable Link of Your Business!