Company Registration in Greece

Despite the absence of the offshore zone in Greece, the company can pay low tax rates while complying with a range of requirements and operate under legal conditions, that’s why many entrepreneurs consider company registration in Greece. The main priority for business owners that operate abroad is to promote the development of the managerial mechanism. The cost of maintenance of linear and functional management should be not less than fifty thousand Euro.

Upon completion of the registration procedure the company is entitled to engage in any activity permitted by the applicable Greek legislation. Foreign representatives may directly engage in managerial activities and have a full package (100%) of the total capital of the company.

The company’s name is of great importance in the country. It is necessary to check and make sure that there is no registered company with the same name. It is not recommended to use words that directly describe the type of business activity.

Company Registration in Greece

Benefits of Company Registration in Greece

Despite the fact that Greece applies high tax rates for business, the country is still concerned in attracting new foreign capital. For this purpose a range of advantages have been developed for companies that plan to incorporate as company within the country:

High prestige of tax jurisdiction;

Conclusion of contracts corresponding to the applicable legislation that adjust the possibility of double taxation;

Confidentiality and anonymity of personal data of the founders. The nominee service is delivered to companies and corporations as well as the possibility of choice of the company’s representative in the territory of the country;

Convenient, simple and swift procedure of registration and filing of the package of documents;

Tax benefits and grants.

Qualified specialists of the Private Financial Services will proceed to registration procedure quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the team of this company delivers services of current maintenance in Greece offering comfortable conditions.
Wide experience of work and knowledge of all details of foreign firm registration and the current legislation of Greece allows employees of the company to make correct decisions and perform the most complicated tasks.

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