Company Formation in Delaware

Well known for maintaining and setting up an LLC or an INC with ease, Delaware is a state you can incorporate easily, whether you are a resident or not.

Company Formation in Delaware – General Information

More than half a million entities of business have their legal locations in Delaware including more than fifty percent of FOrtune 500 Companies and over half of all publicly-traded companies in the USA.

In the state of Delaware, your establishment needs to have a physical and actual venue of business and a service agent. For your convenience, this is something we can provide you within our standard package, including our resident agent services.

When incorporating a business, the primary benefit is that all your assets are protected from any acts of the corporation civil liability. One great reason for forming a Limited Liability Company or Incorporating something is to separate the company assets from your assets. When you conduct businesses without using a limited liability company or a corporation, you risk your assets. In contrast, separating the business property from your personal property and using legal forms such as corporations helps protect you and your personal property.

Company Formation in Delaware – Easy Set-Up For Non-Residents

When you live outside of the USA as a non-resident, there are no restrictions for setting up businesses in the state of Delaware. Most of our clients needing a company to use for their international business are non-residents of the USA. Some international and global companies need local US companies to hold their assets such as real estate and boats.

The ease of setting up businesses and the fact that no federal income tax or US state taxes need to be paid by an LLC makes it easy to set up in Delaware. When business-owners have offices outside of the USA, are not green-card holders, or are not US citizens, these benefits apply. LLC businesses are not required to file income tax returns in the USA.

The Delaware Secretary of State office over the years has sought consistently to shorten the filing process of setting up an LLC or INC in Delaware. You can have all your requests processed in less than twenty-four hours. This puts Delaware in unique circumstances when it comes to incorporating it. To set up an LLC or INC, all we need is your company name and the owner’s name for the new LLC we set-up for you.

Main Benefits

There are many benefits for company formation in Delaware. Some of these are:

  • Corporate litigation involves a superb separate court system considered to be the best in the USA;
  • Companies doing business outside of Delaware do not have to pay corporate income tax;
  • Low annual support costs;
  • One incorporator is required. Corporations may be incorporators;
  • For LLC and Corporation set-ups, there is no minimum capital requirement;
  • One person can hold all positions in an LLC or a Corporation;
  • Delaware has no intangible property taxes, personal property tax, and no sales tax on corporations;
  • You may have a principal address or place of business outside the USA or the State of Delaware;
  • Reputable US Delaware Corporation Law;
  • Setups can be done in less than twenty-four hours;
  • Minimal paperwork requirements;
  • Low annual fees and setup.

Are you interested in Delaware company formation? If yes, please contact our specialists.

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