Seychelles Company Formation

Benefits of Seychelles Company Formation

Numerous offshore companies in the Seychelles operate in comfortable and stable economic environment, supported by the authorities of the island. Thanks to special conditions, Seychelles is considered to be one of the most comfortable business zones in the world. Additional Benefits:

Your personal data will be fully secured. Confidentiality of information on founders of the company is guaranteed by local legislation. Data contained in constituent documents shall be submitted to governmental agencies or authorised structures only with the relevant court decision available.

You can engage in any type of activity if you have a license. In the offshore zone of Seychelles, insurance, banking, brokerage and other activities are allowed after the purchase of the respective license.

Prestigious jurisdiction of the offshore zone. This region is included in the white list of OECD, as it provides business with special investment conditions and reliability of financial flows.

Nominee service. The law of the state allows nominee service and we are ready to provide this service.

Support at the governmental level. Companies registered in the Seychelles have special advantages and benefits.

Zero tax rate. Income from activities received outside of Seychelles is not taxed.

Specificity of Seychelles Company Formation

Seychelles Company Formation

The legislation allows to register a new enterprise in Seychelles in different legal forms. The founders have the right to open trust companies, hedge funds, trade and financial representations.

The Seychelles offshore territory is a reliable jurisdiction to engage at the international level.

At your request, our company shall register the company in Seychelles in the shortest possible time. The minimum authorised capital of the new company is low as $1 USD.

Those who have decided to buy an offshore in Seychelles, require at least one founder who will be a shareholder of the new IBC-company. We offer our clients assistance in the creation of a company from scratch or select it from the list of ready-made companies.

The laws of the country oblige the registration agent to be a resident of Seychelles and be present at the legal address of the company. To facilitate this procedure, we will provide you with a professional manager who is responsible for the company’s activities in the region.

Seychelles Company Formation

Documentation package

We set up companies in Seychelles for more than 20 years. We would be delighted to register your Seychelles company just within 5 business days.

Everything is on us, we’ll book the name of the company, prepare M&AA, pay all state and notaries fees, provide legal address and secretary services, register your Seychelles company and finally send you notarized set of statutory documents.

Upon completion of Seychelles company formation you’ll receive:

Certificate of Incorporation;

Memorandum & Articles of Association;

Register of Directors and Members;

Share Certificate;

Resolution of the manager specifying the company’s registration address;

Corporate seal;

Documents Apostille.

Seychelles Company Formation

Useful information

Banks in Seychelles:

Seychelles Savings Bank

Barclays Bank (Seychelles) Ltd

Bank of Baroda

Mauritius Commercial Bank (Seychelles) Ltd

Habib Bank Limited

Seychelles International Mercantile Banking Corporation

Seychelles Company Formation

Our Other Services in Seychelles

These include:

Assistance with licensing in the Seychelles;

Legal opinions in Seychelles;

Nominee service;

Legal assistance in Seychelles;

Ready-made (shelf) companies available;

Trademark registration.

We have been registering and providing legal services in Seychelles for many years. Rest assured that you are in safe hands with us.

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    Seychelles Company Formation

    FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. How long does it take to register a company in Seychelles?

    The incorporation of a Seychelles global commercial company goes fairly quickly and can be completed within 24 hours.

    2. What is the most common type of company in Seychelles?

    The most common types of companies in Seychelles are IT, trading, tourism, oil and gas, manufacturing, banking and financial services, and hotel and restaurant business.

    3. Can a foreigner be the owner and director of a Seychelles company?

    Yes, a private Seychelles company can be entirely foreign-owned, and its shareholders will have limited liability.

    4. What are the requirements to establish a Public Limited Liability company?

    The requirements for such companies are a minimum of $1 in paid-up capital, as well as two shareholders, which may be corporations and non-residents, two resident directors, and one regular secretary of the company.

    5. What are the requirements to establish a Private Limited Liability?

    Business in Seychelles can be established as a private company without any minimum share capital requirements and with no mandatory board of directors.

    6. What is the minimum share capital of a Seychelles company?

    There is no minimum Share Capital required and the capital may be expressed in any currency. The recommended share capital is the US $5,000.

    7. What are the annual costs for maintaining a company in Seychelles?

    Seychelles offshore company incorporation costs start from EUR 600.

    8. Is there any restriction to conducting different activities in Seychelles offshore company?

    International Business Company in Seychelles may not own any real estate, nor can it acquit any activity in the nation.

    9. How can I get more information?

    Private Financial Services provides a full range of corporate services in Seychelles, including company registrations, bank accounts, license assistance, cryptocurrency and fintech projects, the gambling industry, and much more.

    The Private Financial Services team will be happy to discuss matters in more detail.