Seychelles Company Formation

Benefits of Seychelles Company Formation

Numerous offshore companies in the Seychelles operate in comfortable and stable economic environment, supported by the authorities of the island. Thanks to special conditions, Seychelles is considered to be one of the most comfortable business zones in the world. Additional Benefits:

Your personal data will be fully secured. Confidentiality of information on founders of the company is guaranteed by local legislation. Data contained in constituent documents shall be submitted to governmental agencies or authorised structures only with the relevant court decision available.

You can engage in any type of activity if you have a license. In the offshore zone of Seychelles, insurance, banking, brokerage and other activities are allowed after the purchase of the respective license.

Prestigious jurisdiction of the offshore zone. This region is included in the white list of OECD, as it provides business with special investment conditions and reliability of financial flows.

Nominal service. The law of the state allows nominal service and we are willing to provide this service.

Support at the governmental level. Companies registered in the Seychelles have special advantages and benefits.

Zero tax rate. Income from activities of non-resident companies is not taxed.

Specificity of Seychelles Company Formation

Seychelles Company Formation

The legislation allows to register a new enterprise in the Seychelles in different branches. The founders have the right to open trust companies, hedge funds, trade and financial representations. The Seychelles offshore territory is a reliable platform for entering international trading platforms.

At your request, our company shall register a representative office in the Seychelles in the shortest possible time. The minimum authorised capital of the new company is $100 000 USD, the size of fee is only $100, and the owners of a large company with collateral of $1 million will need to pay fee in the amount of $1000 USD.

Those who have decided to buy an offshore in Seychelles, require one founder who will be a shareholder of the new IBC-company with possibility to issue bearer shares. We offer our clients the assistance in creation of company from scratch or select it from the list of ready companies.

The laws of the country oblige the registration agent to be a resident of Seychelles and appear in the office of the new company. To facilitate this procedure, the company’s employees will provide you with a professional manager who is responsible for the company’s activities in the region.

Seychelles Company Formation

Documentation package

At the request of the client, the company’s managers will register a new company or re-structure the existing one. In order for the transaction to take place, an advance payment of 50% of the total cost of selected services and detailed information on the founder of the new company in the offshore islands area are required.

Upon completion of Seychelles company formation you’ll receive:

Certificate of Incorporation;

Memorandum & Articles of Association;

Register of Directors and Members;

Share Certificate;

Resolution of the manager specifying the company’s registration address;

Resolution of the manager specifying the address to store accounting records and the Register;

Corporate seal;

Documents Apostille.

Seychelles Company Formation

Useful information

Banks in Seychelles:

Seychelles Savings Bank

Barclays Bank (Seychelles) Ltd

Bank of Baroda

Mauritius Commercial Bank (Seychelles) Ltd

Habib Bank Limited

Seychelles International Mercantile Banking Corporation

Thanks to good practices, experience gained, qualified theoretical knowledge, the experts employed by the Private Financial Services will quickly and qualitatively help with Seychelles company formation.

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