Company Establishment in Monaco – Formation Process

The process of a company establishment in Monaco is demanding, but with an attorney, it can be elementary and successful at the same time. All the documents to use must first be drawn from the French language, or the case should be accompanied by the French translation, in a legalized format. Again, the company should be enrolled at the Industry and Trade Register within the 60 days of beginning the business. The Journal de Monaco must also be informed before the start of the business. In addition to that, the company should be enrolled at the Monegasque Statistical Institute and Economic Studies to be issued with an identification number.

After this step, there is a need to apply for the Fiscal Services and register the company’s managers at the CAMTI-CARTI.


Specificity of
the registering

The incorporation of a company in Monaco takes a period of between four months and nine months. This duration of establishment is determined by the complexity of the form of business, and it also needs authorization from the government, which has a limited time and requires renewal after some years.

Limited liability companies must deliver not less than 15000 EUR at the registration point, while a Public limited company must have a minimum of 150000 EUR at the start.


Documentation package

The documents required for the incorporation of a company in Monaco are submitted to the state. The minister of the state asks for the following documents before running the company:

The Registration Certificate;

Two copies of the Articles of Association;

The decision of incorporation;

A business plan for not less than three years;

Personal details regarding the shareholders such as the place and date of birth, a French Curriculum Vitae, a police record, the degrees available and residence permit, and the office address.

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