Marshall Islands

Company registration

Offshore in Marshall Islands: strict confidentiality and exceptional loyalty. The effective result depends on most factors. One of them is timely and qualitative help of professionals. Professionals can quickly and adequately open a company in one of the elite offshore zones. Experience in individual jurisdictions is incredibly important and the Marshall Islands is no exception.

Marshall Islands Company Formation


For those who wish to take advantage of the benefits of the offshore zone, save time and money, and strengthen the reputation worth paying special attention to the Marshall Islands. In addition to the low cost of registration procedures and favorable environment for doing business, each entrepreneur will be comfortable to carry out their activities in the republic due to such factors as:

Stable political and economic environment;

Transparent and loyal legislation;

Complete privacy (private register of personal data, services of nominee representatives and protection of information by law);

No currency and accounting control;

Issue of bearer shares.

Marshall Islands Company Formation

of registering

The desire to buy offshore in the Marshall Islands means a conscious choice of a number of exceptionally attractive opportunities and it helps to avoid disclosure of the authorized capital of the company and to operate in any currency. Also there is possibility to complete the minimum staff (director and shareholder) and to eliminate problems of citizenship (employees of the company: residents of any state), to take advantages of nominee service (IBC Company)

Specificity of the registering

Marshall Islands Company Formation

Membership of the Hague Convention offers a lot of benefits to those who are interested in the offshore features of this prestigious free zone. Signing of the document of international importance has excluded a number of requirements for legalization of non-resident companies from the jurisdiction of the Marshall Islands.  No need in notary certification of the accompanying documentation deserves special attention among others.

The registration of companies in the Marshall Islands takes place in full compliance with law. Entrepreneurs operating outside the republic are offered protection of personal information and full tax exemption.

Every business owner concerned in entrepreneurship in an offshore zone may apply to professionals for help and give the case to competent specialists. This will help to do a range of works related to registration of the company in the Marshall Islands and a lot more. The advance payment for support is only 50% of the total cost of the service. Documents shall be communicated on time and promptly to any corner of the planet by mail.

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