Company Registration in Luxembourg

Benefits of Company Registration in Luxembourg

Most entrepreneurs strive to register their businesses in Luxembourg due to the following:

High level of jurisdiction;

Opportunity to cooperate with EU counterparts;

Well-developed banking system;

Favorable investment climate;

Impact of tax incentives and one of the lowest tax rates in Europe;

Stability in politics, economics and legislation;

When using the nominee service, the company information will be confidential;

Simple and swift registration provided by our company;

High development of the exchange and insurance market.

Company Registration in Luxembourg


Luxembourg is known for the pleasant investment climate in terms of taxation. The VAT rate is only 17% and is one of the lowest in Europe. In addition, tax benefits are established that apply to companies in the field of gas supply, advertising services, wine production, printed materials, etc. Exporting and delivery of goods to EU is allowed at zero rates.

The minimum value of income tax starts from 20%, additional rate on dividends is not specified since they are covered by the corporate profit when calculating the base for taxation. In addition, the country ratified the double taxation agreement.

Company Registration in Luxembourg

Legal system

Companies established in Luxembourg should keep copies of financial statements in their corporate documents, both in and outside the country. Each year, authorized bodies are submitted with balance sheets certified by auditors, loss and profit statements. Companies created as holdings should report on a quarterly basis on their profit, and companies like SOPARFI should file and submit financial statements at the end of the year.

Types of companies

Although there is no standard offshore area in Luxembourg, the state sets loyal requirement to company registration in Luxembourg and pay taxes. We can recommend the appropriate legal form for you and choose the best tax regime.

Company Registration in Luxembourg

Here you can open such types of enterprises like holding. This form of business is completely exempt from taxes, if subsidiaries are based in countries where the profit tax is rated up to 11% and thus they receive profit at over 5%. This form allows you to protect yourself against double taxation

SICAR is the most attractive option in terms of tax payment – the tax on investment and capital gains obtained due to the sale of subsidiaries is not the basis of taxation. Such scheme may be used to create limited partnerships – SeCS. The fixed amount of deposit of the authorized stock capital – 1250 Euro.

SOPARFI are holding structures of specific regime, but are taxed by all taxes. And SCA are partnerships the liability of which is limited to number of shares.

SA – joint stock company with limited authorized capital of at least 31 thousand Euro and the number of participants of at least 2 persons (can be both residents and non-residents). Prior to registration procedure ¼ of the claimed amount should be paid and ompanies may Issue bearer and registered shares, have nominee representatives and are subject to audits.

SARL have the lower limit of the authorized capital at 12.5 thousand Euro, and it should be paid in full prior to issue shares. Only registered shares are allowed under the Luxembourg law. If the number of participants is over 25 persons, the meeting should be held annually. The size of the authorized stock affects the reporting, auditing is not a must.

The specialists of Private Financial Services are willing to render assistance in document filing to open your own business in one of the most loyal countries of Europe, namely, Luxembourg. The client business registration and management abroad is the key trend of activity of our agency.

Our agency offers a wide range of opportunities for investors: you may become a shareholder to a company chosen for you by our experts from the list of registered firms in Luxembourg, or open your own company from scratch.

You need to find the name of the company, inform of your personal data and effect the advance payment for services delivered. We have developed an anti-crisis offer for you: at the initial stage of cooperation full payment of services is not required. you only need to pay 50% that is the guarantee of transaction. The remaining part of payment shall be made to the account as you receive all the necessary documents for registration (you receive them by Mail).

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