Company formation

Anguilla is among countries recommended by experts of Private Financial Services as offshore registration sites. At that, our experts render assistance at all stages as from preparatory work with documents for company registration, and ending with the account opening with the bank chosen by you. The whole process is supported by qualified consultations.

Company Formation in Anguilla

It is easy to register a company in Anguilla. Here you shall not have to meet requirements for the statutory fund, and the amount of the fee that you need to pay depends on the size of the fund. Zero taxation system applies in this country; here, you may easily register an IBC company. A foreign resident may act as a Director sharing functions of both a director and a shareholder.

As for the payment for services, 30% down payment is enough for the company’s specialists to proceed with offshore registration. The remaining 70% of the cost of services may be paid when you receive statutory documents, upon completion of arrangement procedures moments and when company details are entered with the Company Register.

With DHL professional services, the entire package of offshore documents will be shipped and promptly delivered to any corner of the world.

Company Formation in Anguilla

Formation process

As the offshore company is founded, the specialists collect a package of documents to be handed over to the client as the entire registration procedure is over. Among other documents, the package includes such papers as:

Registration Certificate

List of Shareholders and Directors

Director Appointment Letter

Foreign passport of the company owner

Constituent documents


International Standard Form Apostille

Company Formation in Anguilla

Benefits of registering the company

By registering an offshore company in Anguilla, you shall be able to take advantages for your business as follow:

Economic and legislative stability


Zero taxation system

Promt offshore registration

No need to submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports

Loyal conditions for offshore company activity in terms of the statutory fund size and rules of the founders’ meetings. Such matters shall be regulated by jurisdiction of offshore founders

Company Formation in Anguilla

Term of registering

In the offshore area of Anguilla, company registration procedure takes 24 hours. Mailing of the package of completed documents will take a few days. It is very convenient for those who are short in time and is pressed for time to register a company.

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