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Advantages of Scotland offshore

The offshore area of Scotland has a good standing with entrepreneurs. This popular jurisdiction has a positive impact on the prestige of the companies registered in the offshore, raising the level of banking and partnership confidence to the maximum.

The laws of this territory create special business conditions, that is why offshore Scottish companies do not conduct accounting and do not report to authorities. Non-resident firms are completely exempt from tax burdens and audits.

Types of Companies

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to register a company in Scotland in the form of LP – limited partnership – to take advantage of the special tax regime in Scotland. The company registration allows the presence of at least two representatives of the company that may be both individuals – non-residents and legal entities. The size of the authorized capital is determined by founders of the new company independently, as the law does not allocate the minimum amount for its creation.

With our help you amy create LP as a partnership of two companies, one of which will end in offshore and will not be subject to taxation. However, such a firm would not be able to carry out major activities within Scotland.

Formation process

With our managers, founders choose the ready (previously registered) company or create a new company. Then, the stage of paper preparation starts handled by our specialists. The cost of procedures the customer reimburses after the registration of a legal entity-to start cooperation is enough to make only 50% of the deposit.

After making an offshore company in the register all the legal documents are sent by our employees to the customer through courier DHL-mail or handed over to the founders in the company’s representation. It usually takes a few days to register a company in Scotland.

Scotland - Private Financial Services

Documentation package

Pre-Incorporation Memorandum of Association

Partnership Agreement

Nominee Services Agreement

Minutes of the First Meeting of Members

Application for registration of the company as LP5

Pre-Incorporation Memorandum of Association

Resolution of Members

2 certificates of Capital

2 Instruments of Transfer signed by the founders of the company

When buying a valid company – confirmation that the company has never done business (Certificate of Non-Trading)

Declaration of Trust

Legalised general power of attorney for the representative valid for year and longer

Letter of Resignation from founders of the company with an open date of validity

Our company is willing to provide a nominal service, allowed in the offshore zone by law, to open a representative office of your company in the region. Due to effective cooperation, full confidentiality of personal data of founders and compliance with all local legislation will be achieved.