Company formation in Belize, as per local regulatory framework, requires to draw a standard package of documents (resolution on share issuance, registration certificate, certificate of choice of management, Memorandum of understanding and others). The share capital is specified at the level of $50 thousand US dollars, and the company registration requires one person to be available in there.

Here, offshore companies normally formed for purposes of comfortable property management under conditions of maximum data protection. This is the place for companies to register that may act as the investor and shareholder for facilities from any other jurisdictions. Local legislation allows participation in such firms. Very often a variety of yachts are registered on the territory.

Company Formation in Belize

Specificity of company formation in Belize

The current level of international activity promotion commits to higher focus on Belize by prudent business owners who seek to leave the jurisdiction of their own country and start working in a state known for a more loyal fiscal climate and stable economic situation.

As it became independent from England in 1982, Belize is known as the outstanding tax-free jurisdiction. The official language (English) maintained from colonial times has considerably simplified business communications between businessmen and authorities and local population that promotes the purchase of local offshore with no special troubles.

However, it is important to be aware of the current ban on property and conclusion of any transactions with local citizens. In all others, this environment is more beneficial and flexible for rapid development of business:

A new company registration is cheap in Belize

No taxation and related reporting when working abroad

Confidentiality is observed

In case of company registration is prolonged, the fee shall be paid from the following year

Company Formation in Belize

Benefits of company formation in Belize

Residents are allowed to engage in commercial activities at zero tax rate. Meanwhile, all information on amounts, accounts, partners and turnovers is reliably protected.

Simple and promt registration

Minimum financial costs during company registration

Developed economics with stable legislative framework

There is no mandatory audit and submission of financial statements

Zero tax rate


To proceed with company formation in Belize, you only need to make a 30% advance payment; you may pay the remainder as the Private Financial Services specialists complete their obligations and submit supporting documents

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