Benefits of Company
Formation in Florida

Florida has the finest business atmosphere in the Southeast. It’s the 4th largest economy in the United States. Moreover, The Chief Executive magazine has titled that Florida is the second-best state to open a new business. Florida has an excellent business policy and it’s the right place to form a company.


Company Formation in Florida – The Procedure

If you are wondering – how to set up a business in Florida, then you should read the information about the exact process to form an LLC company in Florida. (By Chapter 605, Florida Statutes.) The step by step procedure is given below.

Step 1

Assign A Registered Agent

An LLC (limited liability company) and foreign LLC company in Florida must hire a registered agent. It’s stated in the 605.0113 Florida Statutes. You can appoint a domestic or foreign agent. But, the agent must have the authority to transact business in the state of Florida.
We want to inform you that we have helped to form around 200 companies in Florida. We follow all legal regulations in the state of Florida. Hence, you can trust us.

Step 2

Choose A Name For Your Florida LLC

To form a business in Florida, you should have a name for your business. So, choose a name for your LLC (business) and register it. Your business name should be unique and distinguishable. It’s an important part. So, you should choose your business name carefully.
You should consider certain factors before choosing a distinguishable business name. You can add suffixes to your business name to make it unique. For example – you can use LLC, Limited Liability Company, L.L.C, etc.
Now, how would you know that you have chosen a unique name?
You may choose a name for your business. But, if a company has already registered its business under that name, then your business name won’t be accepted. In that case, you can search for a name by contacting us. Before starting your business in Florida, you have to register a unique name wit registry.
Note: Business name filing is a ‘first come, first serve’ basis service.

Step 3

Submit Articles Of Organization

You have to follow certain rules to form an LLC company in Florida. After registering your business name you have to file the “article of organisation” form. It’s called ‘FL LLC’ form. You have to file it with the ‘Divisions of Corporations’ (Tallahassee, FL). You also have to pay a filing fee at the office.

Step 4

Last phase

Then you need to appoint a director of the company. Finally you can proceed with bank account opening and then you are ready to start of the business.

Thanks to good practices, experience gained, qualified theoretical knowledge, the experts employed by the Private Financial Services will quickly and qualitatively help to open and register the business activity in Florida. Would you like to get a detailed advice or assistance with company formation in Florida, please use the form below to contact our specialists!

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