Company Formation in Labuan and its Benefits


Labuan offers an attractive system of taxation along with a simple incorporation process which emerged as a result of the area developing as a core hub for the of offshore entities domiciliation. The first key advantage of Labuan corporation shape includes possessing whole possession whereby local legislation for full foreign ownership as the corporation can only be created by an individual who can both operate as an investor and manager.

Secondly, there exists no business levy as these apply to the selected set of corporations recognized as non-trading corporations like investment corporations.

Thirdly, there exist no other taxes such as sales tax, V.A.T, custom levies and stamp duty.

Fourthly, there is no individual proceeds duty for an offshore corporation in Labuan thus a non-residential manager is not entitled to pay for individual revenue levy on director’s fee.


Specificity of the registering

The process involved in company formation in Labuan can be finished in two weeks duration and besides the shareholder is not needed to be presented.

In regard to Labuan offshore corporation, a shareholder may not require consent for trade, e-commerce, import and export and consultancy services.

Corporations in overseas are allowed to form subsidiary in Labuan in conformance with the stipulated regulations. In this scenario, the credentials of such businesses require to have leads on the primary corporation and the board of directors managing the subsidiaries or branch in Labuan as well.

Stakeholders from overseas can establish trust in Labuan due to the existence of the 1966 Labuan trust policy based on a number of conditions.

Virtual office packages in Labuan are best designed for individuals who may not wish to establish a traditional office in connection to their activities.

Formation process


For instance, the first step involved is choosing the name of the company.

Secondly, there should be a determination for shareholders ownership. This applies for companies who have more than one investor as such; the ratio of ownership ought to be developed at this phase.

Thirdly, the corporation should be registered as the application for registering a corporation comprises of article of involvement for the stipulated corporation and the forms filled and constitutional declaration.

The fourth step involves applying for a Labuan company permit.The last step involves opening up a bank account. In reference to opening up a depository account, a Labuan corporation is mandated to hold an account in its name whereby some limits may relate in regards to legal tender that the corporation is using.

Thanks to good practices, experience gained, qualified theoretical knowledge, the experts employed by the Private Financial Services will quickly and qualitatively help to open and register the business activity in Labuan.

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