Specificity of Company Registration in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a nation going through major transformation as it’s government moves the nation away from an import based economy towards an export based economy with an open market for foreign investment. In order to set up a company in Uzbekistan there are a number of key requirements on areas such as shareholding structures and directors that firstly must be met. These include:

There must be at least one shareholder although of course there can also be many more;

There must also be at least one director, resident in Uzbekistan;

For a private limited company, the minimum share capital required is US$1800;

For a public limited company, the minimum share capital required is US$400,000.


Types of

For investors looking for company registration in Uzbekistan there are a number of options including: a limited liability company, a joint stock company, a free zone limited liability company, a limited liability partnership. Regardless of the option you choose, our team of company formation consultants are ideally based to help you set up your company and expand your activities.


Company Registration in Uzbekistan – Formation Process

The process requires a number of forms to be completed as well as some other activities and our consultants are happy to help you with this. The overall process can be completed in a number of days as since 2017, the Uzbekistan government has simplified the process as part of its efforts to attract Foreign direct investment. The process includes:

The preparation all of the required documents of incorporation;

The creation of a company seal;

A corporate bank account must be opened in the country; Additional bank accounts might be opened outside of Uzbekistan.

All of the required documents and forms must be filed with the Trade Register;

The payment of all required state fees.

This is not an overly complex process, but it needs to be done accurately and correctly and our experienced local consultants can bring all of their many years of local knowledge and experience to bear to complete this process in a secure, safe, timely and cost-effective manner. We open companies in Uzbekistan since 2008.
If you think that company registration in Uzbekistan does not fit your goals, alternatively we can assist you with company formation in Kazakhstan.

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