Nevis Company Formation – Overview

Nevis Company Formation

The opening of a new company in the offshore Nevis does not entail any obligations regarding the formation of the authorized capital, the size of which is determined only by the founders themselves and no one from outside. The minimum company staff should include one individual; it is registered as  LLC, which is in many ways similar to national LLC, which has a number of restrictions on the nationality of the participants and their number. The law also allow to issue shares, including bearer shares and nominal shares. Tax deductions are based on zero rate for all profits received.

In this zone, the best conditions to develop the profitable shipping companies, especially loyal to the state and professed them the policy of partnership at the international level and the closest possible relationship between different jurisdictions.

Nevis Company Formation

Benefits of Nevis Company Formation

Nevis company formation offers the owners a number of undeniable advantages, including:

Data protection – there are no requirements, providing disclosure of personal information about the founders, which is not specified in the registers and does not open to anyone;

Liability with restrictions – the format of the LLC does not apply obligations on property located outside the company when it becomes indebted. In case of force majeure event, the owners will not be liable for their own property and other assets of the liquid group;

Simplicity – the presence of the founder is not required to open the company. We will complete the whole range of required procedures and communicate the finished documentation by courier;

Loyal legislation – the country uses the active system of flexible management that significantly increases the competence of governing structures and authorities. The company is granted broad authorities with regard to subsequent development without rigid limiting factors;

Zero taxation – Non-residents, who buy a company in this offshore, do not pay tax deductions on the profit received;

There is no tax control in Nevis and requirements for binding auditing.

Using services of Private Financial Services, you can not only register a new company, but also purchase a ready solution. The whole procedure takes no more than 14 days, the cost of advance payment does not exceed 50% of the total sum of transaction.

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