Company in Spain


Company in Spain is for those who wnat to take advantages of free trade in the European Union. The best option in your case is the purchase of a registered company that meets the requirements of an entrepreneur. Do you look for a company to register from scratch since you find it difficult to choose the option for exactly your specific requirements? That’s not a challenge for professionals.

Spain is known for wonderful economic climate and conditions to raise investments. This results in an increasing number of IT companies in the country. Companies are created as LTD or JSC; they are also incorporated as special foreign company affiliates. Whatever the case, the wage for the secretary should be considered who must be a resident of the country and take steps to make the legal address registration at the island possible.

The major difficulty is the choice of the corporate manager among local Spanish people to rely on. You are welcome to entrust this matter to professionals who will help you lease the real estate for the office and create conditions to do business easy and pleasant.

Company in Spain


For corporations that mean the majority of small and medium-sized businesses, the tax shall be rated at 25%;

For all other entities the tax may be increased to 28%;

Here, European Union residents need to pay a tax at 19%, non-EU residents – 24%;

Natural persons should pay the differentiated tax rate at 24,75 to 52%, the independent sector tax rate in 4%.

For companies, special tax conditions are specified in case when the company adheres to ETVE regime. ETVE allows possession of foreign securities and refers to holding-type structures. Today, some legal business forms in the country fall under ETVE-exemption.

Thanks to good practices, experience gained, qualified theoretical knowledge, the experts employed by the Private Financial Services will quickly and qualitatively help to open and register the business activity in Spain.

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