Company Formation in Hong Kong


The positive investment environment makes jurisdiction of Hong Kong quite attractive for company formation in Hong Kong. It is profitable to register large holdings and open industrial production in there. The substantial legislative base benevolent to non-residents, the well-developed economic sector encourage many entrepreneurs to purchase company formation in Hong Kong.

Company Formation in Hong Kong

Benefits of company formation in Hong Kong

Business owners are granted a world of advantages in the Hong Kong offshore area, including such significant as:

Exemplary reputation;

No tax on dividends, capital gains;

Advantageous positions in the OECD rating system;

The simplest registration that does not require physical presence of the business owner;

Nominal service that is a guarantee of personal information privacy on actual owner of the business;

VAT exclusion, if the commercial activity is carried out outside the country;

Business registration in Hong Kong provides the opportunity to dispose personal vessel for cargo transportation;

Opening a bank account in alost any jurisdiction.

Company Formation in Hong Kong

of setting up a company in Hong Kong

Offshore companies in Hong Kong are registered with the share capital of 1 HK$. To open a company, a single person is sufficient to appear (shareholder/director). The company name is registered with the General Register in two languages: English and Chinese. Companies are registered in compliance with the LTD form that allows trouble-free export of goods from China to any country in the world. Special tax privileges are worked out for non-residents and these amount are defined based on territorial differentiation.

Company Formation in Hong Kong

Company Registration in Hong Kong and Taxation

Registered companies are allowed to get involved in commercial cooperation both with enterprises within the country, and with external partners. The first option assumes payment of tax revenue. Thus it is possible to reduce the size of net profit, using the flexible system of tax withdrawals. In case of company registration is prolonged, the fee shall be paid from the following year. In addition, the legislation specifies  various excise duties, vehicle registration fees, airport, road taxes, etc. There are several types of tax calculation specified by law:

Wage taxation (2 to 17%);

Profit taxation levied on income gained on commercial activity done at the territory of Hong Kong;

Tax on all property of the company.

The experts of Private Financial Services are engaged in company registration under this prestigious jurisdiction of great potential. We pay special attention of our clients to the fact that we have managed to find solution to the challenge to open bank accounts in Hong Kong for foreign citizens. On the top of it, the Private Financial Services delivers services of nominee directors and shareholders. Hong Kong residents shall become such persons acting solely in favor of our client.

Before starting a business in Hong Kong, our specialists consider specificity and area of concentration of the client. We are constantly engaged in activities to register new firms or purchase existing companies. Cooperation with the Private Financial Services is the bank account opened with guarantee with any financial institution of Hong Kong.
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