Isle of Man Gaming License

Specificity of the registering

To obtain a license, you need to register a company on the island, open a local bank account, appoint a representative (an authorized resident of this country and two directors) and start a legitimate and profitable online business with the support of our specialists. We provide services for the conduct of business and their registration in all popular jurisdictions.

Company activity associated with online gambling is taxed at the variable rate of 0.1-1.5% which depends on your profit, that is, the less is your profit, the higher are taxes. The fixed payment is for betting houses there at the rate of 15% of the pool.

Isle of Man Gaming License

Benefits of license

The local National Commission takes care of compliance with rights owned by all players which explains the highest international reputation of casino opened on the island. The following is among main advantages of this jurisdiction:

No distinction between class subtypes which means that candidates need to submit a single package of documents for the entire gambling activities.

Possibility of sub-licencing on the island state: your online casino can run on behalf of the widely known brand with further option to have the rights to do the business independently.

A large choice of gambling types, including sports betting, exchange betting, sweepstakes, casino, lotteries, fancy games, Internet services, certain types of financial trading, etc.

The reliable British Law is applicable here subject to the European community suitable for business promotion in the UK that allows successful use of the well-structured liberal laws.

Registrations fee

The cost of licensing to operate an online casino in the island state is only 1 thousand pounds sterling. In addition, the amount of 35 000 for full renewal of license or 5 000 for sublicensins is required.

Thanks to good practices, experience gained, qualified theoretical knowledge, the experts employed by the Private Financial Services will quickly and qualitatively help to open and register the business activity in the Isle of Man.

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